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Emotional Equations

SXSW 2012

Chip Conley

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Emotional Equations

Anxiety Balance Sheet What Do I Know? What Don't I Know? What Can I Influence? What Can't I Influence? the MOST NEGLECTED inBUSINESS Fact ? we are
all human! Learn more at

and share your own emotional
equation on our Facebook page. http://www.emotionalequations.com "Great business leaders are cultural anthropologists. They understand their customers better than the customers understand themselves. Unfortunately, as most businesses grow, their leaders become slaves to the process of business and lose that intuitive, emotional awareness of their customer." Chip Conley The 3 Questions that tested our Authenticity What business are we in? What business are we in? What business are we in? What business are we in? What business are we in? What courageous, rebellious decisions have we recently made that could be perceived as brilliant or foolish? What would it mean to the world if we didn’t exist any more? Transform Succeed Survive Transform Meets Unrecognized Needs Succeed Meets Desires Survive Meets Expectations Viktor Frankl "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom." We all aspire to Self-Actualization Social Esteem Self-
Actualization Safety Physiological Aggressiveness Love Awe Submission Contempt Disapproval Optimism Remorse this side up FRAGILE Socrates "He who is not contented with what he has would not be contented with what he would like to have." Some firms employ “choice architects” to help guide customers’ decision-making and curb confusion. Howard Schultz (1999) “Authenticity is what we stand for. It’s part of who we are. If we compromise who we are to achieve higher profits, what have we accomplished? Eventually all our customers would figure it out…” Howard Schultz (2007) “Our outlets now reflect a chain of stores versus the warm feeling of a neighborhood store…” “Decisions have lead to the watering down of the Starbucks experience, and, what some might call the commoditization of the brand.” “Creating an authentic brand is about awakening your psyche and your customers.

Being authentic is being self-aware and courageous. This is just as true for the entrepreneur as it is for their core customer.

Underdog brands have such an opportunity to tap into that customer authenticity by helping the customer understand themselves better in the context of using the product and in helping the customer feel courageous as if they’ve joined a movement.” Eric Ryan Chief Emotions Officer I EMOTIONS Chief Executive Officer Disappointment = Expectations – Reality Regret = Disappointment + A Sense of Responsibility Greater Choice = Greater Regret Red Blue Purple Emotions are as contagious as the flu. David Lewis and Darren Bridger, “The Soul of the New Consumer.” The Psychology of the Customer “Consumers’ buying behavior is driven more by unconscious (or unrecognized) thoughts because 95% of thought, emotion, and learning happen without our conscious awareness.” Boutique hotels are mirrors for the aspirations of their customers and create an “Identity Refreshment”.

“Shopping is not merely the acquisition of things, it is the buying of identity.” Sociologist John Clammer The Four Ways to Create a Self-Actualized Customer Help your customers meet their highest goals Give your customers the ability to truly express themselves Make your customers feels like they’re part of a bigger cause Offer your customers something of real value that they hadn’t even imagined Photo By Kristen-lee Baillie Happiness = Pursue Gratification Practice Gratitude HAPPINESS WANTING WHAT YOU HAVE HAVING WHAT YOU WANT HAPPINESS = How often are you so focused on the denominator of the happiness equation...

...it distracted you from the numerator? Chip Emotional Equations to
Connect with Your Customers “For some people, consumption – in it widest sense – has replaced religious belief as their main source of solace and comfort…their major choices are dictated by a need to satisfy an inner hunger…" Transform Succeed Survive Equation Summary Did you know he invented the Color Wheel? "The leaders of the past know how to tell.
The leades of the future know how to ask."
-Drucker Chip Despair = Suffering - Meaning

Happiness = Wanting What You Have / Having What You Want

Anxiety = Uncertainty x Powerlessness Disappointment = Expectations - Reality

Regret = Disappointment + A Sense of Responsibility

Authenticity = Self-Awareness x Courage Remorse Disapproval Physiological Safety Social Esteem Self-Actualization Video Credit:
The Black Keys "Tighten Up"
+jacksonkarinja, Director Team
Paul La Calandra, Editor
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