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Lesson Plan 8/14/14

No description

Colby Hawkins

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of Lesson Plan 8/14/14

If you're hard working, or open to the idea
of hard work and taking responsibility for your own learning then you ARE in the right room.
I give permission, please follow these directions: Until I get to know your voice type-
men (if in class) please sit in the front row; everyone: if you think you
sing low, please sit on my left side,
if you think
you sing high please sit on my right side
. Please have
no empty seats in between you
Always. I appreciate and am aware of the struggles you go through as high school students. I am here to help, no matter what subject or concern you may have; please feel comfortable coming to me.
Let's Sing!
Introduction to Edmodo
1. Please wait patiently as we hand out iPads. Ask your neighbor about his or her class schedule.
2. Once everyone is online with an iPad, please watch this video clip and follow along on your own device.
HW: Read the double sided-one page class Syllabus on my teacher website and complete the online document. All done online! Due tonight at midnight. http://wcw.schoolloop.com/colbyhawkins
Welcome to the WCW/VP Choir Program
What do I need to be successful in class?
1. Music Folder (ALWAYS)
2. Pencil (ALWAYS)
3. Earbuds (ALWAYS)
4. Lined Paper (ALW...most of the time ; )
Before we sing: check this out
Pass out pledge form
I will do my best to get to singing today but that depends on how focused we are during this initial presentation of procedures.
Where do I sit?
Who is this teacher, as a real person?
Will this teacher treat me as a human being?
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