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Super Jackelope

on 30 October 2015

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Transcript of CULTURE

How are culture and geography connected?

It depends in the area you live in. Culture traits or culture areas could make you have different beliefs than others. You can believe that god is real or you can believe that god is fake. There is also culture with different regions. Out field of learning requires geography because out field of learning can relate to the culture's geography and we could still learn from it.It relates to it because it relays on were you are at.
Explanation Of Culture
Geography and culture are related in many ways. First,
The culture and the way people do things varies from state to state and region of the USA. Second, The way people talk is different in the North and South. According to some sources, people use incorrect and correct grammar depending on witch state your in. Thirdly, religion also differentiates from state to state. For example, certain maps show that most of Pennsylvania is Catholic and most of Texas is Protestant. Fourthly, jobs are different from place to place. It's based on what is enjoyed and what resources there are.Some states have a lot of coal so they would possibly have a lot of miner. Lastly,People dress differently based on where they live. They usually decide based on weather and where they came from. For example, in Maine people will be dressed for the cold while in Texas, people dress for heat all the time. People also dress based on where they come from. This is why geography and culture are related.
Why does our field of learning need another field of learning?
Logan Bianchi
victoria, desi, evan
Evan Perdue
Ava Katzenell
The united States culture was shaped by many other cultures like Native American, Latin American, African,Asian excetra.The United States is called The Melting Pot because of its many diverse cultures.It is so very important because it is what shapes The United States culture.

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