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Mt Vesuvius

Peter Tooley

Madeleine Student

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Mt Vesuvius

The Eruption of 79 Killed over 2,000 people Fun Facts It is a 17,00 years old Here is a short video WOW Mt. Vesuvius Mt. Vesuvius By: Peter Tooley one of the most popular volcanoes in Italy. Destroyed the city of Pompeii and covered it in up to six meters of volcanic ash It was the biggest volcano eruption in the year 79 AD Literally blew the whole top of Mt. Vesuvius Left the Pompeii cover in ash, which you can still see as frozen bodies. It is a stratavolcano It is 4,140 feet tall One of the worlds most famous volcano It last eruption was in 1944 Mt. Vesuvius is one of the only active volcanoes in Europe Mt Vesuvius is located in Pompeii, Italy Mt Vesuvius is a volcano inside a volcano Mount Vesuvius gets its name from the Latin word Mons Vesuvius Their hasn't been any eruptions since 1944 Vesuvius started forming 25,000 years ago Bibliography http://vulcan.fis.uniroma3.it/vesuvio/79_eruption.html
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