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"When I was a Solider"

No description

Teresa Narduzzi

on 1 September 2014

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Transcript of "When I was a Solider"

When I was a Soldier
Valerie Zenatti

Presentation created by: Teresa Narduzzi
Valerie Zenatti
The biography called "When I was a Soldier" was written in 2002 by a woman named Valerie Zenatti. Valerie was born in France in 1970 but moved at the age of 15 to Israel. She kept a journal of her experiences in the Israeli army which later she created into her first book.
Why should you read...
"When I was a Soldier?"
Most of the book takes place in Valerie's training camps and bases in Tel Aviv, Israel.
~ camps= gloomy, uncomfortable, harsh
~bases= more friendly, strict, busy
- Everyone needs to be inspired to do their best and be pushed to their limits.
-She deals with many hardships but overcomes them through bravery and perseverance.
-When reading this book, many readers feels as if they are physically in the scene with Valerie. The story is written in a very personal way which makes it easier for anyone to relate to it.
This is a video in honor of the inspirational women in Israel that fight for their country day in and day out.
- Valerie captures your attention and holds it so well.
- don't want to put the book down
2. Very Personal Experience
3. Engaging
4. Increase your knowledge
5. War/Conflict=Important
1. Inspirational
Valerie Zenatti:
Teenager in the book
Strong Characteristics of Valerie
~ Bravery
~ Valerie's home was in Beersheva, Israel which is located in the Negev desert.
Picture of children running through Beersheva.
Her home town
Picture in 2009
~Valerie fought for her country both physically and verbally throughout the whole book.
Israeli and Palestinian Flags
Shows bravery...
~The conflict between Israel and Palestine was bloody and Valerie didn't care if it meant she had to die for her country in order to keep her rights.
-Valerie is very much a normal teenager:
- faces challenges of early adulthood
- always wants to have fun
-wants a boyfriend -friendly
- too verbal (sometimes)
- powerful opinion - happy/joyful
-loyal to her country
~ Sensitivity
Throughout the book Valerie is very sensitive to:

- She experiences death first-hand and it does impact her view on killing and murder.
~ people's feelings
- She cared about each person individually. Throughout the book she showed kindness toward:
officers, and
anyone that came into her path.
Valerie's new friend who she meets in the army:
Eynat Haymovitch
- loving and caring
-honest friend to Valerie
Main Characteristics:
- Willing to help Valerie get through her tough times.
- HUGE support system for Valerie
"Me too. And seeing you've crossed my path again, I solemnly swear I'm not letting go of you again till the end of your days. Or mine."
- always gave advice from her heart.
Quote that demonstrates Eynat's personality:
Physical Description: muscular, short chestnut hair, medium height, green eyes
Physical description: medium height, dark hair, oval face, skinny and fit
Valerie says a few times in the book:
"She inspires confidence in me."
Quotes that demonstrate Valerie's personality:
- "I know that, by being in the army like everyone else, I'll really become part of this country."
- "I know discipline is essential but I would have thought that if we were given a little more time and freedom, if we weren't forced to make our beds again three times just as a matter of principle, we'd still be just as good as soldiers. And a bit happier with life."
She said this to her head Lieutenant:
-"I'm fascinated by my sub-machine gun. They're instruments of death and we're finding them easier and easier to handle. We don't think for a moment that we might use them for real some day."
Zenatti's central themes for her book, "When I was a Soldier" is
~Through perseverance and love, you can accomplish anything!!
Valerie WANTED to serve out of love for her country:
- always imagined herself serving as a brave female solider
-loved her country and fought for her rights
- persevered through illness, pain and anxiety
- fought through unbearable discipline
~ After pain comes results!
Valerie showed her commander she could handle anything:
- after getting a serious illness, she studied even harder to continue to move forward in training--best student.
- showed she could handle intense training= first new soldier for a secret mission
- after 3 long years in the army= freedom at last!
(worked hard enough to be released on time)
- She was sure we was going to be kicked out of the army after getting sick
worked hard and persevered=stayed and had the most success
- Imagine yourself waiting in line with Valerie to get your identity number with great anxiety...
- not sure how to feel after breaking up with her boyfriend
- deep conversations with him(teenage love)
Valerie's military experience= detailed!
By reading this book you will learn more about:
- the Israeli- Palestinian conflict
- first-hand military experience from a teenage girl's point of view
- learn about intense training and testing which are needed to move forward in the Israeli army
- War/conflict effect everyone's daily life.
-Valerie gives details about her conflict and how she thinks she can help solve it.
-Valerie has a strong opinion and wants to fight= teach/help us to want that too
-Her book will help you want to stand up for your rights and state your opinion in your country.
Largest training camp in Israel
Negev Desert
- war scene
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