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Red Algae

No description

Nicholas Berdahl

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Red Algae

Red Algae Red Algae One of the oldest of eukaryotic algae; and also the largest, having the highest diversity.Mostly benthic in distribution . Structure Algae is mainly multicellular and less than one meter long. They also form algal turfs which carpet the seafloor. Red algae is mainly composed of branching filaments. What makes it red? Red algae contains different sorts of pigments such as chlorophyll and phycoerythrin, these two are most important, because it reflects the red light and absorbs the blue light to get that red color that you. The Red Algae Club
To be a member of this red algae club you must:

- Be a plant with chlorophyll
- Have red pigments
- No flagellated cells
- Must contain Floridean Starch.
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