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Marie Curie

No description

Lee Evang

on 4 August 2014

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Transcript of Marie Curie

Describe in detail one main scientific understanding, discovery or invention your scientist is famous for.
Marie Curie
Pictures of Marie Curie and what her discovery has lead to.
Marie Curie
Marie Curie was a chemist and a physicist who discovered Polonium and Radium, two of the one hundred elements in our universe. She was born in 1867 and died in 1934 when she was aged 67. You might consider 67 a younger age to die however with the amounts of radioactivity and radium she was exposed to in her lifetime she actually stayed alive longer than her husband, but of course then eventually died in 1934. Her husband Pierre Curie was also a physicist who made many great contributions to the scientific world. Marie Curie was famous for being the first person ever to be awarded two Nobel Prizes. Marie Curie was raised in Poland but later moved to France. Together, Marie and Pierre worked on Polonium and Radium.
Describe two or more ways in which the scientist has changed society and what problem/s has been overcome.
Describe how your life would be different if the scientist had not made their discovery.
A Famous Scientist who discovered Polonium and Radium
Marie Curie
A little bit about Marie Curie
Marie Curie
A way Marie Curie changed society was by discovering polonium and radium that helped to formulate x-rays. X-rays have done many things for the society. X-rays have changed society by helping patients if they need to see into the body for cartilage, broken bones etc. Many people also have other special x-rays such as dental x-rays or cat scans. Without this technology many people would suffer pain, illnesses and various other health conditions if it weren't for the discovery and invention of x-rays. Another way Marie Curie has changed society through x-rays is by creating a whole new industry of jobs and of money. X-rays have created many jobs in hospitals, surgeries, medical centers and even in science labs. Which leads me into another way that x-rays have changed society, the study of the human skeleton and body. Many scientists study the human body and skeleton, however without x-rays this would not be possible. Also x-rays are needed to detect cancers and tumas in the body. X-rays have also helped advance medicine in many areas. However, X-rays are not just used medically, they are also used at airports to check baggage and packages for our safety or to catch smugglers etc.
My personal life would be a lot different if Marie Curie had not made the amazing discovery she did. But not just my life would be different; many other people's lives have been affected by this discovery and would be dramatically different depending on their circumstances. I myself have already had a couple of dental x-rays that have then been sent to my dentist to make sure my teeth and gums are healthy and that I have no cavities. I'm sure I will have to have more x-rays later on for whatever the reason. My life would probably be harder if Polonium and Radium had not been discovered because without x-rays I think maintaining health and vitality in myself and my families bodies would be harder without x-ray. I recently found out that when I was a baby, doctors thought I had a hip problem. I had to have an x-ray to find out if I would have to have surgery. Luckily I didn't have hip problem however I never would have known if it wasn't for the x-ray I'd had. X-rays give vision into our bodies for doctors to give diagnosis. X-rays at the airport also protect us from criminal activity. I've traveled on a plane a few times now and without x-rays, as passengers we may have been at risk on our flights due to many situations and possibilities that could have occurred. With x-ray machines in the airport, all baggage is checked so that passengers can be safe.

Personal life
Marie Curie is famous for discovering Polonium and Radium. She didn't just discover the elements though; she discovered how to harness their power. Overall there are only about a hundred elements in our universe so discovering two at one time would have been a great achievement for Marie Curie. Before Marie Curie had discovered Polonium and Radium there was only one element that was radioactive, Uranium. Marie discovered both Radium and Polonium inside of a common mineral called Pitchblende. Pitchblende was radioactive however there was no trace of Uranium in it so Marie thought that there would have had to be a different undiscovered radioactive element inside it. While looking at Polonium and Radium Marie Curie made many scientific discoveries, one of them showing that radiation did actually come from the atom instead of an interaction of the molecules. The discovery of Polonium and Radium later lead to being able to perform x-rays on patients. Marie Curie was mainly famous for these reasons and got rewarded for her efforts with two Nobel prizes.
Marie grinding pitchblende to source Radium.
Marie didn't know that she would have to grind over a tonne of pitchblende to source around 0.1 grams of Radium.

Marie also found Polonium in Pitchblende.
Radium is Radioactive and gives off radiation. Marie didn't know this.
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