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Book Hook: Wonder

No description

Lilly Aberg

on 8 September 2014

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Transcript of Book Hook: Wonder

Book Hook: Wonder
Summary of "wonder"
I recommend this book to anyone with a disability, deformity, or someone who doesn't feel like they fit in. This is because it is about a kid that is the same or worse off than them and how he dealt with life. It is an encouraging book in a way, and would help them to know of someone that went through what they are going through.
By R.J. Palacio
Presented by Lilly Aberg

This book takes place in North River Heights, Manhattan. It is in current time.
The conflict in this book is character versus society. In this case, it is August Pullman versus the people who bully him because of his facial deformity.
Main characters
The main characters in this book are as follows:
August (Auggie) Pullman- the main character; Has a face deformity
August's Mother- is always taking care of Auggie and making sure he's content
Olivia (Via)- August's sister; Is very protective of him
Jack- August's best friend since they met when August was at the school for the first time
Julian- the lead bully at Auggie's school; Has been bullying him since school started
Summer- was the nicest one to August at the beginning of the year; Is one of his best friends
personality traits
I think some of August's personality traits are shy, introverted, and thoughtful.
He is shy all the time when it comes to people. He always keeps his head down and tries not to get noticed due to his deformity.
He takes energy from spending time alone, which means he is introverted. He doesn't like being around a lot of people.
He is thoughtful when it comes to other people and the world around him. He is always thinking of things and the expressions of people when they look at him.
The main theme of this book is independence. Throughout the year, August learns how to do things and how to take care of himself.
Important passage
(Page 310)
"Thank you, Auggie," she answered softly.
"For what?"
"For everything you've given us," she said. "For coming into our lives. For being you."
She bent down and whispered in my ear.
"You really are a wonder, Auggie. You are a wonder."
I think this passage is meaningful because it sums up the long, hard year, and how much appreciation August's mother shows for him, even with his face deformity.
I rate this book 4/5.
I really enjoyed this book because it teaches you about courage and getting over fears. We're all scared of something, and August and all the other characters in Wonder show us how they overcame their fears. Overall, I think it's a great book.
What I like about the book
I want to share how the book connected to me as an average, everyday person. I never really thought about how people feel behind major (or minor) deformities like August's. Wonder helped me understand what people like him are thinking about other people, and that they see the world in a completely different way than we do- everyone's judging, staring, pointing fingers. And that's what the real world is like. I think that the author could have put a little more diverse personality in the characters, but otherwise, I am very glad I read Wonder.
Author's purpose
I think the author is trying to convey that even though we may look different on the outside, we're all equal and everyone should respect each other. R.J. Palacio wrote this book to tell about a boy and his experiences with people, along with his face deformity. It is an empowering book, telling kids like August to stand up for themselves.
Learning and questions
I learned that people should always stand up for what they think is right, and that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. I wonder if August kept going to public schools, and how his future life goes.
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