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Who is Western Man?

Western Humanites Final Project

Wendy Pataky

on 7 June 2010

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Transcript of Who is Western Man?

Who is Western Man? Greece and Rome Middle Ages The Rennaisance Period The Enlightenment Classical Period
500 - 400 BC
Hellenistic Age
330 - 30 BC
Roman Republic
409 - 27 BCE Roman Empire 28 BCE - 479 CE
500 - 900 High
900-1150 Late
1200 - 1400

1700 - 1800 1450 - 1650 Italian Rennaisance Christian Humanism
and the
Protestant Reformation Age of Reason and Discovery Growth of Nationalism Absolutism Scientific Revolution Exploration 100 CE 200 CE 300 CE 400 CE Political Economic Social Religious Intellectual Artistic 500 CE 600 CE 700 800 900 Greece Rome color code! Greece Rome 500 BCE 400 BCE 300 BCE 200 BCE 100 BCE 0 Middle Ages Summary
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