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sammy keyes and the hotel thief

No description

m vosburgh

on 25 December 2012

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Transcript of sammy keyes and the hotel thief

Sammy Keyes And The Hotel Thief The Setting Sammy Keyes lives in Santa Martina. Sammy goes all over the place, but the main building is the Heavenly Hotel, where the robbery occurs. Since Sammy lives with her grandma she also spends lots of time at the Senior Highrise. The Heavenly Hotel is in front of the Senior Highrise. Grams says its a horrible hotel with lots of snooty people. But when Sammy and Marissa are accused of putting graffiti on a high school, officer Borsch has to drive them to the high school to clean it up. Their new school is called William Rose Junior High. This year they are in middle school. By: Wendelin Van Draanen When Sammy is bored she sweeps her binoculars over to the Heavenly
Hotel, she sees a man pawing through a purse. And when she sees him and he sees her there is only one thing to do - wave. And then maybe tell the police . Unfortunately, Officer Borsch thinks of Sammy as some snot nosed seventh grader. But Sammy is not going to put up with it , and some how prove herself right. But she must use all her clues to finish up the mystery of this robbery. The Characters
There are many people in Sammy Keyes, but you can definitely point out the main characters. - Sammy Keyes : Sammy's real name is Samantha, but she likes Sammy better. Sammy has brown hair that goes down to her shoulders and brown eyes. Sammy always wears her high tops. Sammy used to live with her mother until she was ten or until her mother thought that life was more important than Sammy . After that her mother dropped her off at her grandmother's house . And since then, Sammy has lived with her grandma. Sammy calls her mother Lady Lana.
- Grams :Grams lives in the Senior Highrise with Sammy. She wears glasses and has short gray hair.
Their neighbor is Mrs. Graybill. Mrs. Graybill is always looking for a way to bail out Sammy for sneaking into Gram's house to live. And those are the main characters of Sammy Keyes and the hotel thief The plot Part 1 part 2 Sammy is always determined to find the end of every mystery.
In this problem Sammy must take all the clues she has and put them all together. In the middle of the book Sammy is accused of giving Ms. Graybill
a very nasty note but Sammy didn't write it. This note was written on a double dynamo napkin. After school one day Sammy and Marissa go and get two double dynamos from Oscar and after that they go to the Heavenly Hotel to see Gina. When they are done talking to Gina they exit through the fire escape they find a double dynamo napkin with Gina's apartment number: The 4135 The plot part 3 In the end Sammy sneaks up on Oscar and his ice cream truck comes with him to the back of the Heavenly Hotel. And he puts on a blond wig. Sammy screamed and started running. Then Sammy thinks of a plan. She leaves out three five dollar bills and when Oscar comes to take them Sammy attacks him! After that the blind robber has been arrested. Gina and Sammy got their money back and all was well! The themes Many of themes are in this book. From being chased by a robber to knitting with her grandmother. But when it singles down to three themes it would be: suspense, excitement and danger. There are many suspenseful moments like when Sammy was being chased by that nasty robber, or the time when Sammy and Marissa saw the note with Gina's apartment number. Sammy Keyes and the hotel thief is filled with lots of excitement, suspense, danger and many more themes. This story is about Sammy and her friends against the robber A useful lesson a couple useful lessons I have learned from this book are: 1.If you ever get into a crime scene always be careful of what you do. 2.Collect clues and pay attention to all of them. 3.NEVER WAVE AT A ROBBER! 4.Always keep your binocular's to your self. And those are some lessons I learned from this book. my favourite passage My favorite passage is: Chapter:12
spoken by:Sammy Keyes
Mrs. Graybill's nose wasn't in the hallway, and Grams'
binoculars were under the bed-right were I left them.
I cleaned the lenses, scrawled Grams a note, then headed for the mall. When I got there, I tried to act real casual riding up to the escalator, but since the only people at the mall in the middle of a school day are adults and babies, it felt like everyone was staring at me. Like any minute someone was going to come right out and say, "What are you doing here? And, hey...what's with those binoculars ?" The second I got to the top floor I found an "Employees Only" door and ducked behind it. I stood there for a minute, just glad to be away from all those adults and babies staring at me. Then I started walking. My rating I very much like this book. It has lots of detail and excitement. But if I was to rate i would give it a 9 out of 10.
I would give this mark for this book because it is a great mystery and I love the way this book explains what is happening and explains it very well. I would deduct one mark for the way it says some phrases over and over again. But otherwise its an awesome book and very fun to read! THE END By: Morghan Vosburgh -Marisa Mackenzie : Marissa is Sammy's best friend. Marissa is always trying to pull Sammy out of a mystery, but Sammy keeps pulling her back in. Marissa can put up with it and still loves Sammy as a friend.
-Officer Borsch: Officer Borsch is the chief of the police station in Santa Martina. Although he hates Sammy,
he must listen to her because in the end Sammy is the one who solves the problem.
-Gina: Gina is the witness of the crime. Her hair is blond and very long. On the day the police interview her she has her hair twisted and pulled over to one side, and coated with hairspray.
-Oscar: Oscar is the ice cream man who strolls around the Santa Martina mall. Even though Oscar is a sweet old, blind ice cream man he has an unexpected twist to him. My recommendation. I would recommend this book to Nancy Drew lovers and mystery solvers.
This book has grate humor and lots of suspenseful moments. This book has excitement thrill. Suspense
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