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Clean Air Network

About Hong Kong's leading NGO on air pollution

Christie X

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Clean Air Network

Hong Kong's Biggest Public Health Crisis
"Air pollution is primarily a health, not environmental, issue."
How does air pollution
affect my
Can increase risk of pneumonia by 60%
Permanently impairs lung growth, leading to a life time of poorer health
Doubles risk of pneumonia
Pregnant women & Unborn Children
Lower birth weight, lethargy, lower IQ
(similar to passive smoking)
Increased heart rate after 2 hours; increased risk of stroke or heart disease
Weaker body and lower immunity
Exacerbates or causes asthma
Shortens lifespan
Air pollution
kills 8-9 people
per day.
Did You Know?
In 2006, Hong Kong had just:
Days of healthy, breathable air
Days on which it was safe to do sport outdoors
When it comes to health, the main problem is
roadside pollution
,not Guangdong
of roadside emissions
come from
Roadside concentrations of NO2 steadily increased from 2006-2009
2010: Worst roadside pollution in Hong Kong’s history
What is the
Bus and truck emissions represent 80% and 90%, respectively, of respirable suspended particulates and nitrogen oxides at the roadside.
Why is this the same info, but separate slide?
What is Clean Air Network ?
CAN is an independent NGO that is exclusively focused on the issue of air pollution in Hong Kong.

We are Hong Kong's #1 resource for health, news . policy and information related to air pollution
What are CAN's objectives?
Tighten Hong Kong's Air Quality Objectives
Clean up roadside emissions
Enhance involvement of public health officials in devising air quality policy
Public Policy Progress
Change is possible.
Jan 2011
CAN, along with other green groups, file a report with the ombudsman in complaint of the government's failure to revise AQOs as it had promised.
Pilot Green Transport Fund is approved by the Environmental Affairs Department.
There is growing support from businesses, such as General Chamber, AmCham, Li & Fung, CLSA and The Link

LegCo has explicitly and unanimously expressed support for roadside clean-up subsidies (May 2010)
Businesses are ready for regulation:
Power sector has agreed to implement scrubbers and switch LNG
Shipping industry -Fair Winds Charter
Franchised busesare ready for regulation but needs cues from government
CAN is Hong Kong's
fastest growing NGO
, with over 25,000+ members.

Our organization is distinguished by
use of PR and marketing, especially
social media
. (We are the #1 NGO in social media)

We coordinate with over 90 other associations and NGOs in order to amplify our message. As a non-confrontational partner to the government, we try to act as their "honest-mirror" in clearing Hong Kong's air.
Ignorance about health impacts of air pollution
Lack of involvement on part of public health officials in air quality policy
Failure to recognize public health epidemic
Tendency to underplay the issue
Misconception that environmentalism and business interests are locked in a zero-sum game
Political resistance to transport subsidies
(cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
CAN's Approach
Coordinate & leverage
Public Engagement
Breaking health news
Policy proposal
Convening inter-departmental meetings
Informal face-to-face meetings
Legislative submissions and appearances
Legislators & councilors
Getting air on their campaign agendas
Social media
Ad hoc guerilla (flash mob, scavenger hunt)
Consumer partnerships
's Achievements
Public Awareness
Related Work
Community Outreach
Chief Executive Candidates
state of Hong Kong's air?
Iphone App
13,500+ followers and growing, we give daily updates on global air pollution news.
CANalert provides pm2.5 readings twice daily based on data collected outside our Sheung Wan office.
Follow CANChinese for chinese air pollution updates, with news mainly focused on HK and China.
Connect with us on Facebook to get event & news updates. Also, check out pictures from previous events.
Image source: The Guardian
May 2011
Ombudsman asks EPD to submit timeline for announcing new AQOs. CE says new AQOs will be announced in 2011.
March 2011
Anti-idling bill is passed by LegCo.
Dec 2010
Jan 2012
Hong Kong government updates our 20+ year old Air Quality Objectives (AQOs).
CAN launched the most successful video in Hong Kong NGO history, an infomercial featuring Daniel Ng. The cantonese version has received over 210K views.

A library of over 50 air pollution related videos can be found on our YouTube Channel.
CAN's Facebook widget - Get air pollution updates on your profile page!
School Monitoring Project
DBS Students monitor NO2 & PM2.5 levels.
Lingan Secondary School Students survey to see public opinion on air pollution.
Lingan Secondary School Students complete calculations after collecting data.
CAN Information Booth
District Council PM2.5 Monitoring
Clean Air Auction
The Airmazing Race
A Scavenger Hunt for Clean Air
Tseung Kwan O District Council
Chai Wan District Council
Awareness Campaigns
CAN x Ben & Jerry “Art for Air” Drawing Competition
Outreach Program 's Opening Ceremony.
District survey showed 78% of residents were not satisfied with air quality.
Dark Christmas
Flash Mob
Film Festival
Environmental Messaging Campaign
CAN's campaigning in 2010 saw unprecedented endorsement from public and private sector organizations, including The Link, CSL, MTR, TVB etc.
“Clean up the air, one signature at a time”
Campaign Visual
Lung Cheung Shopping Center Advertisement - Wong Tai Sin
Central MTR station Advertisement
Mask Design Competition
'Why Do I Love Air Pollution?' - One Minute Film Festival
Policy Review
Held in 2011, this mask design competition garnered 300+ submissions within a month. Shortlisted works were later put on display at Dragon Center in Sham Shui Po.
CAN's Half Annual Air Quality Review Press Conference
Budget review Press Conference
Sham Shui Po Community Outreach Program
Canadian International School of Hong Kong
City University of Hong Kong
Cycling Day 2012
Aircut Day 2012 - CAN x Voi Voi Rakkaus
AQO Comic - CAN x Cuson Lo
Self-Driving Protest
Anti-Incinerator Protest
Clean Air Ballots
Environmental Forum co-hosted by CAN
Third Runway Remonstration
How can you help?
Volunteer for CAN
Monitor for CAN
Spread our Message!
Donate to CAN

Join our special events!
Gather PM2.5 data and help us map air pollution levels in Hong Kong!
Support our monitoring projects by supplying donations for PM2.5 machines!
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