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English ISU - Creative

No description

Sophie Wilding

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of English ISU - Creative

Failed Summit Greg Mortenson attempts his summit of K2, a mountain in the Middle East located in Pakistan. His goal was to reach the top of the mountain and dedicate the climb to his sister Christa and leave her favourite necklace at the top of the mountain. However, things don't go as planned, Mortenson then lost track of the group and was left to fend for himself overnight. Luckily he was able to find one of the group leaders who brought him back to the small village of Korphe.

The Village of Korphe When Mortenson wondered into the village of Korphe, after he failed to climb the mountain, he found himself very welcome and at the waiting hands of the village elder Haji Ali. Haji Ali welcomed Mortenson into their village like he was their own and let him stay until he was able to continue on his journy. Getting Money Mortenson writes 580 letters to people who are rich and well known and thought might be able to help him. However, he only receives one letter back with a check for 100 dollars. He also receives money from his mom's students after they heard about what he was trying to do and were able to raise pennies for Pakistan. Then someone by the name of Jean Hoerni wrote Mortenson a check for the amout of 12000 dollars and with that he told Greg not to fail him. Buying the Materials Mortenson flies back to Pakistan to by the materials he needs to buid the shcool. He goes to Abdul, one of his friends he made while he was in Pakistan, who helps him settle prices for the materials he will need. After they buy all the materials they need, Mortenson starts his journy once again to the Village of Korphe. Not knowing when he got there he would be in for a big suprise. Build a bridge before build a school Mortenson goes to Haji Ali to tell him that he brought the school to Korphe. He then becomes very dissapointed when Haji Ali tells him before their can be a school there must be a new bridge built first, like for the people to be able to cross and to be able to cut the time in half. Mortenson is upset at first then blames himself for not planning far enough ahead. Building the new and improved bridge In early June, Mortenson returned to Korphe with the materials he needed to build the new bridge using the money Jean Hoerni had given him. Mortenson was welcomed back into the village like no other time before. The women came out to welcome him back and allowed him to enter their homes and allowed him to rest there for the hard working weeks to come. After a few short months the bridge is complete. The people of Korphe are extremly excited by the fact they can go into another village and be back before the next day. At night on the roof of one of the houses, Mortenson notices lanterns crossing the bridge showing how happy the people are to have this bridge and Mortenson's help. The first time Mortenson learns about the Balti tradition about drinking three cups of tea is when he is visiting Haji Ali. Haji Ali says, " If you want to thrive in Baltistan, you must respect our ways. The first time you share tea, with a Balti, you are a stranger. The second time you take tea, you are an honored guest. The third time you share a cup of tea, you become family, and for our family, we are prepared to do anything, even die." Sharing Tea Not all people love Greg Mortenson
During Gregs third week in Korphe, a group of people from Askole came by the Village of Korphe to stop the new school from being built. Haji Mehdi was the leader of the village. He came and told them Allah forbids the education of girls. Haji Ali responds saying the school will continue to be build and will be finished no matter what. Haji Mehdi then calls Mortenson an infidel, and wants Haji Ali to hand over twelve large rams. Haji Ali agrees to this offer and Haji Mehdi walks away. In August, Mortenson hears that Osama Bin Laden was returning to Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden hated the Americans for the fact that they blamed him for all his troubles. He orders his men to kill any American civillion he sees. This made Mortenson's stay in Pakistan at this time very dangerous. It also created a very unsafe environment for Mortenson to be travelling alone. Introducing Evil The end of the Journy. When Mortenson finished building the school he was astonished. He couldn't beleive that his dream of building a school for this poor poverty
strucken village had become a reality. All of the people of Korphe were amazed by the school and the children couldn't wait to go see what was inside. Haji Ali thanked Mortenson for everything, he was now an offical part of the Korphe family and felt extremly blessed. Mortenson then promised he would be back to visit the Village and see how the school was progressing. This is one of the many girls that have or are attending one of Greg Mortenson's schools, here is a video clip of how Greg Mortenson's dream changed her life.
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