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by Gaby Gonzalez

Gaby G.

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Choreographer

Choreographer Job Responsibilities Choreographers are
mainly responsible
for creating fresh, eye-
catching dances,
whether it be at a dance
school, or if they are were hired to create a routine for another gig. (i.e. The Grammy's) Education There really isn't any education required to become a choreographer. The only thing that really is needed is years of training and performing and an understanding of music. Altough some dancers and choreographers take general courses in history, music, literature and the visual arts to better interpret feelings and ideas. Many colleges give out bachelor's and master's degrees in dance. Juliard
School of the Arts offers dance. Salary Range The average salary for a choreographer ranges from $17,800 to $67,160. Future and Demand Good choreographers are always in demand
for award shows and dance schools. They are used all over the world. In the future they will be needed to make up new dances. Technology The only technology really use are music programs and maybe powerpoint and a projector for maybe example to portray an image behind the dancers while they're onstage. Customers Customers can be anybody (a mother who wants her child to take classes or someone who wants the company to dance at an event). Science & Math Science and math are used to figure out the beats per minute and then to find how many figures there are in a song. For example if 8 beats happen in 5 seconds, multiply it by 12 to get 96 bpm. Songs usually last for 2 minutes so 96 times 2 equals 192 beats for the song. Each figure is usually about 8 beats long, divide 192 by 8 and you need to choreograph 24 figures for the entire song. Communication Since dancing is mostly a group effort everyone in the dance needs to understand what dance moves they're doing and on what counts. When dealing with customers the choreographer needs to
explain to the customer the prices and/or what dancing
for them entails.
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