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2013 Redesign

The road to a responsive design for wlu.edu

Jessica Willett

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of 2013 Redesign

2013: Where We Are Today
2 enterprise content platforms
30,000+ webpages
400+ content contributors
2 million unique visitors
10 million annual page views

A New Paradigm
For a Brave New World
In 2013, PC sales are projected to be lower than in previous year (first time since 2001).
One in three American adults now own a tablet.
The majority of U.S. mobile subscribers now own smartphones.
and a Changing Campus:
Mobile traffic to wlu.edu jumped from 5% in 2011 to 18% in 2012
98.9% of the W&L Class of 2016 brought a laptop to campus
16% brought a tablet (up from 10% in 2011)
89% brought a smartphone (up from 77% in 2011)
76% said they planned to access wlu.edu from their mobile phone
Is there an app for that?
Proliferation of platforms makes creating apps costly and complicated.
60% of tablet users prefer to read news on the mobile web.*
The Solution?
Create a website that works on every device, every time.
Responsive Design
Media queries determine the resolution of your device.
Works on any device, regardless of size.
Flexible images and fluid layouts resize to fit the screen.
Who is Using It?
Major Media Companies
The Boston Globe
Time Magazine
Higher Education Institutions
University of Notre Dame
College of William and Mary
Sewanee: University of the South
Arizona State University
Important Considerations
Stricter guidelines will soon mandate equivalent experience
for those with all types of disabilities:

Key elements labeled for site navigation via screen readers
Descriptive text for all images and interactive elements
Transcripts available for audio and video
Websites are often first, and sometimes only, point of contact, and create a lasting impression.
The web is now our primary source of information and interaction.
Mandatory training on Section 508 accessibility guidelines
What does this
mean for me?
Improved search
Integrated communications
Streamlined content
Additional SiteImprove reports and audits
IHS iSuppli, Digitimes, Nielsen, Mashable
*Pew Research Center, Netbiscuits
The new wlu.edu:
for the redesign
What is responsive design?
ITS 2012 Incoming Student Survey
17% of web traffic is now coming through mobile devices.
2007: Where We Started
Under 50 web editors
Variety of systems and platforms (Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Copenhagen)
No unified web presence for W&L

Our Environment
Our Goals
Single System
Distributed Content Management
Unified Design
Mobile real estate is valuable.
76% of mobile visitors will abandon a website if it is not mobile-optimized.*
Not Yet Redesigned?
Complete a redesign questionnaire
Already Redesigned?
A revised timeline for the redesign
Our Website
Some New Considerations
Advent of social media
Rise of rich media
Mobile explosion
ADA concerns

Optimized for mobile
Faster publishes
Improved document management
In-context editing
Conduct a site audit
Think about timeline
Schedule a meeting
Get more training
Maintain your site
Refine your message
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