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West Africa

No description

Jessica Wendel

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of West Africa

Jessica Wendel West Africa Chapter 11 Mali Ghana's vegetation is tropical grasslands. They have bushes and short grasses.They also have long rainy seasons. Ghana is mainly plains, but there is one plateau. Ghana also has one lake called Lake Volta. Ghana Chapter 13 Ghana Chapter 11 Songhai Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Ghana had a strong government and a strong military force. The king got wealthy from the control of the gold trade. The king only let the people have gold dust. The king had court every day with his people so they get their problems solved quickly. The military had a regular army ,reserve forces, and elite soldiers.The resources were mainly trees and water. The war and the loss of resources made a big downfall in Ghana. Mali's vegetation has short grasses and small shrubs. Mali's geography is the Sahara desert, mountains, a plateau, and the Niger River. Chapter 13 Mali's religion came from traders who came to get Africans to be Islam. They accepted, but they didn't follow all the rules and beliefs of Islam. They prayed to God also praying to their ancestors like they did long before they became Islam. Mali's government was republic. Ghana Mali Songhai Chapter 14 Mali's traditions were brought down from the oral traditions from older people and families. There are three instruments that were used in Mali and West Africa. They were balafon, ngoni, and the kora. Mali Songhai had the Senegal River the tip of the Ivory Coast.It also had the grasses of the savanna, The heat of the Sahara. Ghana's government had a king and a kingdom. Chapter 14 Ghana's have traditions in graphic arts Chapter 13 Songhai's main religion is Islam. They had a strong King government. Chapter 14 Songhai had different kinds of traditions and arts.
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