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Clue: Leadership Essentials

No description

Audra Wheeler

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Clue: Leadership Essentials

CLUE: Strategically Defining Your "Character" Within the Leadership Essentials
The Plot
Objective: You will be able to define yourself as a leader in FCS among the connectivity of the Leadership Essentials
and current initiatives.

Leader "Character"
Team Member

The 360 Degree Leader
Leading up, down, and around.
Creates Value For Our Customers
Embraces Change to Drive Improvement
Leads By Example
Develops Our Capability
Strategic Plan Goals:
Common Core Standards (CCGPS)
The Situations
The New Tools
The "Characters"
FCS Strategic Plan
The Situations
-John C. Maxwell, 2006
Team Leader

Senior Leader

In the game of Clue, the plot depicts an adventurous platform for character development through the collection of clues, related actions and deduction of roles.

In FCS, the Strategic Plan is the plot and serves to define leadership roles.
In the game of Clue, the rooms within the mansion serve as areas for various activities to take place.

In FCS, the different Leadership Essentials serve as domains for leadership activities.
Within each Leadership Essential there are opportunities for various leadership activities.
Tools, both old and new, can be infused into each Leadership Essential and used to facilitate leader action.

Performance Management (TKES/LKES/PKES)
Performance Management
In the game of Clue, the characters are key components of the plot. Each is skilled at using numerous tools in various circumstances.
In FCS, YOU are the skillful character supporting the Strategic Plan (plot) through the Leadership Essentials.
What is your "Character"?
Team Member
Team Leader
Senior Leader
Clues to Defining Your Role
Now it is your turn to collect the clues and embrace your new character!
Pieces to the Puzzle
Understanding the Competencies
-Sort and share
Leading up, down, and around.
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