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Copy of Conclusion Presentation

Project for English class.


on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Conclusion Presentation

RCA Presentation
Understanding Structure
The Conclusion starts
off with your thesis.
And ends with a broader statement.
What is an "echo"?
created when the writer
repeats a word or phrase.
When the reader reads the repeated
words, it becomes familiar and feels
like everything is falling into place.
Tying in the Middle Section
You can summarize by rewording, instead of relisting the points you have already made.
When you are writing your final broad statement, bring your thesis to a more general common idea to help you relate with your reader.
Take advantage of your conclusion, because it is the last thing your reader will read, and it is your last chance to convince them of your thesis.
structure of the
conclusion is exactly the
reverse of your introduction, which
began with a
statement and
to it's point or thesis.
Thesis: Today's drag-racing teen-
ager is primarily an automotive
Restated Thesis: In short, today's
drag-racing teen-ager is, primarily,
an auto-motive engineer.
Your thesis is about the
one specific area that you
choose to defend.
Therefore, today's drag-
racing teen-ager is primarily an auto-
motive engineer. The preceding
paragraphs have shown a great deal of
mechanical skill, he takes pride in his
workmanship, and he has much
knowledge of safety.
The listing of points is
Clearly, then, the typical drag-racing teen- ager is no irresponsible bum, but a genuine automotive engineer. His mechanical skills verges on inventive genius, and his pride in workmanship is a sign of maturity. Furthermore, he could give most adults lessons in safety.
E x a m p l e
E x a m p l e
E x a m p l e
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