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Mounatin top removal.

No description

hunter rogers

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Mounatin top removal.

mountain top mining
the effects.
Animals are losing habitat and food resources and moving into cities.
counter argument.
The opposition that defends mountain top removal, argues that it offers jobs. this is true considering most mining operations happen near poorer communities. if stopped more than 32,000 will be an estimated loss.
Mountain top mining should be stopped because it is destroying the lives of people, animals, and the dignity of nature.

what is it?
Mountain-top removal is a form of surface mining that destroys the top of the mountain to acquire what is underneath it.
my stance on it.
I feel mountain top removal should be stopped to preserve the welfare of the mountains, communities, and the animals that surround them.
water supplies are being contaminated.

lung cancer is rising.

Lastly, many people are not seeing money they were promised by the companies.
works cited
"Appalachia's vanishing mountains".N.P.:contemporary review,2002.N.page.Print.
"NUN:mountain top removal is a 'moral issue".Covington,KY:the kentucky post,2003.N.page.
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