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The Career Planning Process

Have a plan and you will have success

Page Tisdale

on 20 June 2017

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Transcript of The Career Planning Process

The Career Planning Process
"If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up some place else." - Yogi Berra
Review your career options -
Are you still good with the path you are on?

Develop a backup plan
Identify skills, interests,
and values

Complete online career

Become familiar with The Career Center as a resource

Create and use your hireLINK account
Discuss your career plan with a mentor to get perspectives on your career path
A family member
A professor
An upperclassman
An alumnus
A person in the profession

The Citadel Financial Management Association
The School of Business Mentor Association
El Cid Toastmasters (Public Speaking)
American Society of Civil Engineers
Association for Computing Machinery
English Majors Club
Educational Leaders Club (ASCD Student Chapter)
Health, Exercise and Sports Science Majors
Inn of Court (Pre-law Organization)
Institute for Electrical and Electronic Engineers
Society of Citadel Republicans
The Shako (Creative Writing Publication)
Women in Science and Engineering(WISE)

Pick a volunteer project that reflects your interests
Get Involved
Get involved in a student organization related to your career path. This is a great way to get exposure to an aspect of a profession
It is never too early to search for a summer job or internship
Visit your hireLINK account
Develop or expand your professional network
Conduct informational interviews
Use your ROTC office or High School Guidance as a resource
Explore and research more
career options for your field
Attend the Fall/Spring Career Fairs
Research summer internships
Talk to your department to see if there are options for internships for credit
Take some time to think about WHY you are here.
If employment is an end goals, these tools can help
the end goal!
Will your goals move you closer to your Career Path?
Review Career Goals
Look into requirements for professional or graduate school options if that is your focus
Update your Resume
Create a general Cover Letter and Reference Page
Develop a Job Search Plan
Attend the Career Fair
Start reaching out to companies and contacts
Practice Interview Skills
Attend an Interview Workshop
Polish your portfolio
Set 3 achievable, realistic goals to move you toward a career path
"Run Like Crazy!"
"Do not be too proud to use the Academic Support Center as a Resource."
"Try to find a summer internship that is related to my career."
"Take an 'Introduction to Aviation' course."
"Get in shape to meet the Special Forces requirements."
Does it require more education?
How do I find jobs in this career field?
What is the salary?
How do I find Summer Jobs and Internships?
Survey Results
Never let your 1st Interview be your 1st Interview
Evaluate Offers
Know how to follow up
Pay it forward
If you've had success in any aspect of your career while at The Citadel, find an underclassman to help.
These are a few samples that are good resume builders!
Results from Summer 2013
Cit101 Lab assignment
and resources to answer your
top questions!

Do the goals you set last year still apply?
Are they achievable and realistic?
How have they evolved?
We are located at 573 Huger Street just outside the side gate.
(843) 953-1617
Have questions? Contact us.
Start thinking about your resume
You may be thinking, "This is a lot of information. So, what do I need to do right now?
Review your assessment from last year, are your goals still relevant? Update them!
Attend a Career Center Event!
Create or visit your account!
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