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03.09 Project Runaway

No description

Sam Leval

on 5 August 2016

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Transcript of 03.09 Project Runaway

Paragraph Three
Overall, the film was very well done. Combining the elements of the music, types of camera shots, imagery, and mysterious plot really made it a great film. Those elements are the strengths of the film. Without the types of camera shots, we would not have seen how much the woman struggled. Without the music, it would just be a woman jogging on a normal day. Without the imagery, there would be no creepy shadow. And without the plot, this film could be totally different, maybe worse. Though it had strengths, the film could improve. One improvement could have been showing the scary figure at a more intimate level so that the audience would've been more scared of him, rather than being a little confused on what was chasing the jogger. Also, I would have liked to see what had happened to the woman when she screamed at the end of the film. I didn't really like the cliffhanger, but I enjoyed the film a lot and stand by my rating of 5 stars. And I sure won’t forget that scary music.

Paragraph Two
Imagery is a suspense technique that was used in this film. For example, the dark shadow that was chasing the woman was computer made. The camera shots that were used in the film were very suspenseful. They showed the woman jogging and when she turned back, you saw the figure coming closer each time. When she was in her home and about to call the police, the most suspenseful shot when the camera was aimed at her. She screamed and dropped the phone, which the end of the film, but was very suspenseful. The music in this film was also very suspenseful. The music was a very important part of the film, as it made the situation much more dramatic. From the opening credits, the scary music gave me the hint that something was about to happen. Overall, it had a lot of suspense techniques that all blended nicely. This film surely got scarier as it went along.
03.09 Project Runaway

I would give “Eye Contact” 5 out of 5 stars because of all of the elements that came together to make this film. In this film, a woman is going for a jog and ends up in a lighthouse. When she is at the top of the lighthouse, she notices a dark object standing at the bottom, almost waiting for her. From the time she runs down the lighthouse and reaches her home, she is being followed. The person who is following her seems to just be a black shadow, maybe a ghost. I think that the filmmaker wanted to portray a suspenseful scene to say the least. The mysterious shadow chasing an unsuspecting woman into her home was a scary sight, and I believe the plot itself deserved 5 stars. Now moving on to other cool aspects of the film.
Paragraph One
By Sam Leval
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