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Teacher's Copy- The Good Shepherd Mass 2015

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Katie Waring

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Teacher's Copy- The Good Shepherd Mass 2015

The Good Shepherd Mass 2015
Imagine . . .
It is lunchtime. You are really hungry. You get out your lunch box which is full of sandwiches and tasty snacks.

You look around. Nobody in your class has got their lunch.

What would you do?
Which story in the Bible do you think this scenario could be linked to?
Any ideas?
Read the story
'Jesus Feeds a Great Crowd' John 6. 1-15
Think about the boy who is mentioned in the story
Why do you think he was willing to give up his lunch?
Re-write the story from the point of view of the boy. Try and explain how he is feeling at different points in the story.
Why is this story important to us?
Pope Francis has explained how the story of Jesus feeding the 5000 can be applied to the world today . . .
"The parable of the multiplication of the loaves and fish teaches us exactly this: that if there is the will, what we have never ends. On the contrary, it abounds and does not get wasted.”
What do you think Pope Francis meant by this?
If there is the will, what we have never ends
If we choose to share, there will be enough for everyone

If there is the will, what we have never ends
If we choose to share, there will be enough for everyone

So Pope Francis is saying that if we all work together and share what we have, we could stop poverty
How can we share what we have?
By asking your friends and families to put money in your CCS Lenten box, you have encouraged them to share what they have

The money you have collected in your CCS Lenten boxes helps children living in poverty in your local area

1. What problems are these children facing?

2. What do these children need for their lives to get better?
Draw a sad face and a smiley face on a piece of paper/ in exercise books. As you read through the stories, note down your answers to the following questions around the two faces:
Emily is 2 years old. She lives with her mum Donna and her little brother Ben who is 6 months old. Her mum Donna moved the family to London a few months ago. They do not know anyone in the area and they do not feel safe. Emily feels very alone.

Emily's Story
Jack's Story
It is nearly Christmas. Jack’s mum Anna always tries to give him a normal Christmas with a present and Christmas dinner, but last year Anna could not even afford to heat the house, let alone buy a present. Jack feels very guilty for wanting a toy for Christmas when his mum is struggling.
Chloe's Story
Chloe is very worried. It is nearly the end of term and everybody in class is getting really excited about the school holidays. However, Chloe is not excited. While her mum goes to work, Chloe will be spending 6 weeks in her house alone. That is not what really worries her though. Chloe knows that when she comes back to school everybody will be talking about the places they went to and the activities they did during the holidays. She does not know what she will say.
Jade's Story
Adam is six years old. His teacher and mum have noticed that he has stopped talking to the other children in his class. He is finding it difficult to concentrate in lessons.

Adam's parents recently separated and he is finding it difficult to live with just his mum. He has not spoken to his mum or teachers because he does not want to bother them.
Adam's Story
Emily and her family were helped by the St Francis Family Centre
The St Francis Family centre in Poplar provides:
A nursery
A toy library
Advice for parents and carers
For Emily and her family, St Francis gave them a chance to meet other families in the area
Jack and his mum were helped by our Christmas Gift Appeal
For our Christmas Gift Appeal, people donate presents, food or gift vouchers.

We put these gifts into boxes and give them to the families who need them most.
Jack did not have to ask his mum for a toy. The box full of gifts and food meant that they could both have a Christmas to remember!
Chloe and her family were helped by the St Francis Family Centre too
The centre also organises day trips and Summer holidays for the families it works with
Chloe and her mum were able to go on their first ever holiday. She did so many activities that she had lots to talk about when she went back to school
Jade and her family were helped by the Crisis Fund
The Crisis Fund provides emergency help for young people and their families who are living in poverty. This might mean giving them money for food, furniture or to pay household bills
When Jade's teachers saw the empty house she and her father were living in, Jade's Head Teacher asked CCS for help. We gave them money to buy furniture such as chairs and beds
Adam was helped by ConnectEd
ConnectEd is a school counselling service. Our counsellors talk to children who may be experiencing problems in school or at home.
One of our therapists met with Adam for one lesson a week. The therapist talked through his problems on a one-to-one basis, and eventually he was able to talk to his mum about the separation. After a while, he was also able to to talk to his friends again at school and concentrate in class
By raising money for CCS in your Lenten boxes, you have helped these children who are living in poverty.
To celebrate all of your hard work, we are inviting you to our Good Shepherd Mass on Thursday 4th June at Westminster Cathedral
We would like you to design your own fish which we will use to decorate the Cathedral.

The fish will represent all of your hard work in raising money for CCS.
We want to celebrate the way you have shared what you, your friends and family have with those in need
Why should we share what we have?
Learning Objectives:

• To study the story ‘Jesus Feeds a Great Crowd’

• To explore Pope Francis’ reflections on the story

• To discover how the money we have raised for CCS is
helping children and families living in poverty

You are going to learn about the experiences of different children living in the Westminster Diocese
Reflect . . .
Why should we share what we have?
Think- Pair- Share
Jade is 14 years old. She lives with her dad. They were recently moved by the local council from their house to a smaller flat. Their last house had furniture in it already, so when they moved they had to leave the beds, chairs and tables. Their new house is totally empty. They have no money to buy any furniture.
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