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No description

kirbie ritchie

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of ipods

Double click anywhere & add an idea IPODS what is an ipod?? an ipod is a device which play music through ear phones. it also may have games on it. what software does it use?? apple ipods use the software calle itunes. though it may also run off other programs. eg. multimedia player. you can also get music off lime wire instead of paying for them in itunes store.

lock/unlock switch spin wheel screen ear phone port computer connection port can it be used by muliple user?? an ipod is usually a singular user thing. unless you have a device that will take two sets of earphones or you have one ear phone each. timeline who are ipods manufactured by?? ipods are manufactured by apple.inc
annotated diogram user interface menu - where you choose where you go eg. go to music or games or podcasts. spin wheel - used to scroll through the menu and to change volume bibliography http://www.macworld.com/article/53499/2006/10/ipodtimeline.html
what is its power source?? an ipod runs of a battery thats charged by the computer. who is the audience/who will use it?? an ipod is for all ages, it doesnt have a age limit and isn't hard to use. ipods themselves dont change much from the previous model but over a long period of time apple have evolved it a lot, from the first generation nano to the third generation touch there is a lot of diference. advertising advertisment
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