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Louise Nevelson

No description

Mallory Condrath

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of Louise Nevelson

As an Artist...
In the 1940s, she experimented with different styles and materials such as wood and junk that she found on the streets of New York City. She began working with monochrome paint, particularly black, and assembled the sculpture pieces in groupings.

Nevelson created works that illustrated how freedom of expression was a political act. While making a reputation with her art, she cultivated an extravagant personal lifestyle that included glamorous gowns, heavy face makeup and unconventional hairstyles.
Art Style
Nevelson developed her own sculptural style unlike that of her male counterparts. Her artwork and sculptural methods were unique and innovative. She would browse the streets for wood scraps from abandoned furniture, or everyday litter and discarded items and would use them to create her sculptures. Her largest and most phenomenal sculptures were wooden, collage-driven relief sculptures, consisting of multiple boxes and compartments, occupying the found and discarded items, unified with one color.
Nevelson's work stands out as a foundational contribution to feminist art, challenging the stereotypical "male" sculptor style.

She is admired for designing exhibitions with pieces that are not only viewed as individual objects, but as parts of a whole. Nevelson, not intimidated by new ideas or creativity, was an outstanding sculptor who redefined femininity in sculptural art.
Quote from the Artist
"I think all innovations are
built on rejections."
- Louise Nevelson
Quick Bio
Louise Nevelson was a revolutionary artist known for her monochromatic abstract expressionist sculptures. She rose to be an internationally known artist and worked into her 80s.

Nevelson began to attract attention in the early 1940s, and gained wide fame in the 1950s when museums began buying her work. She is now considered one of America's most innovative sculptors.
Untitled, 1964. wood painted black, 8' 4" x 10' 11-1/2" x 1' 6-3/4" (254 cm x 334 cm x 47.6 cm), 16 elements plus 2 part base, 18 parts total.
Louise Nevelson, Royal Tide IV, 1960
1959-60. wood painted white, 9' 1" x 7'
Sky Presence I, painted wood construction, 1960. H. 116 3/8 in.; W. 244 1/4 in.
End of Day Nightscape, 1973. wood painted black, 8' 5-1/4" x 13' 10" x 6" (257.2 cm x 421.6 cm x 15.2 cm), 9 elements plus 2 part base, 11 parts total.
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