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Duck Dynasty

Tells about each character

Riley Reynolds

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Duck Dynasty

Si Robertson
He is a Vietnam Veteran.
He is also Phil's Brother.
Phil Robertson
He has 4 sons: Alan, Jase, Wille, and Jep. He is married to Miss Kay.
Miss Kay
Miss Kay loves to cook.
She is married to Phil.
Jase Robertson
Jase has 3 children: Reed, Cole, and Mia.
He is married to Missy.
Missy Robertson
She is married to Jase. She often helps Korie with non- duck call orders.
Willie Robertson
He is married to Korie.
He has 5 children: Rebecca,
John Luke, Sadie, Lil Will,
and Bella. He is the CEO
(Chief Executive Officer)
Korie Robertson
She is married to Willie.
She is the Office Manager.
Jep Robertson
He is married to Jessica.
He has 4 children: Lily,
Merritt, Priscilla, and River.
He is usually the Cameraman-
but sometimes he helps make
duck calls.
Jessica Robertson
She often helps the women expand the line in Duck Commander. She is married to Jep.
Family Friends
Mountain Man
Justin Martin
John Godwin
He is the closest Air Conditioner Repair Man near were they live: Monroe, Louisiana. He has a distinct way of talking.
" Martin supplies his own airbag" - Jase.
"I don't like feet but love socks!"- Martin
"Why do you have so many mustard packets? If a lady comes here and sees those packets she will run back to her vehicle!" - Jase
"What do we want?" - Si
"Ham Samich!!!" - Godwin
Thank You!!!
I try to thank all my viewers, so thank you!
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