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Haile Middle School Engineering Dylan W

Midterm exam

Dylan W

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering Dylan W

Technology Exam (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Solid Works Boat The boat was the first project the class worked on. It was pretty
simple and was ment to introduces us to Solid Works. We followed
the tutorails that told us what to do. The hull of the boat was the beging. We learned how
to chamfer while making this part. The battery was the hardest part for me. I had to
make a spring which was hard but it was fun. The business card was next. this was a fun project on Corel Draw a drawing
program. The business card I made was really cool I included some pictures that
showed some of my interests. The CO2 Dragster was the project
were working on right now in class.
I'm assmbling. The light swich cover was a fun project. It was our first time using the acrylia print machine. The body was fun to make. It was challengeing but their good instructions. Thanks For watching My Prezi!! Engineering & Technology The sign I decided to make was a dounght. I'm going to put led lights
in the sprinkles. The board was 17 5/8 inches long. It had a width
of 1 inch. The dounght was kinda easy to make. It was also really fun to make. My friend gave me the inspiration for the bite mark. I personally think it looks really cool. This month is CTE month. Mike row said a speech in front of congress. This was about The many of jobs that know one can fill. He was trying to tell them that a plumber and electrician are important jodbs. These are the jobs that people look down apon and think their job is better. Culinary Arts A: Description of the job Culinary Arts Chefs and cooks
create recipes and prepare meals,
while food preparation workers peel
and cut vegetables, trim meat,
prepare poultry, and perform other
duties such as keeping work areas
clean and monitoring temperatures
of ovens and stovetops. B: Education needed Training for chefs, cooks, and food preparation workers generally
starts with basic sanitation and workplace safety subjects and
continues with instruction on food handling, preparation, and cookingprocedures. Chefs who work in fine-dining restaurants require many years of training and experience and an intense desire to cook. C: What is the job outlook? Job openings for chefs,cooks, and food preparation
workers are expected to beplentiful through 2014.Job growth
will create newpositions, primarily due tothe expansion of familycasual dining. CAD Chair Go to http://www.solidworks.com/pages/programs/letsgodesign/index.htm?pid=1&erank=0 to watch the chair. Job Reseume This is the sketch of the Long Board I am making. It is supposed to be a skateboard but, we do not have the technology to warp the board. So I am going to make flat Long Board. Stickers The stickers were fairly easy to make. Most of the stickers were mostly outline bitmaps.
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