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ancient greece 6th grade

No description

kaya lewis

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of ancient greece 6th grade

world cultures
6th grade
3rd period Ancient Greece Ancient Greece Ancient Greece theater free time food Ancient Greece Ancient Greece Wealthy Greeks had plenty of free time to spend talking, playing games, and going to dinner parties. Music was very important to the greeks. Almost no written music has survived. They enjoyed dancing too! clothing (when they used it) Their cloths were made from sheep wool. Very wealthy people bought expensive silks from the East. Bright colors were very popular especially for women. Women's and men's clothing were very similar. The basic dress was a chiton (tunic) fastened at the shoulder. Since soil was not very fertile, Greek people grew olives, grapes, and figs. They had goat milk and cheese, and wheat for bread. Meat was rarely eaten, but wine was very popular. Ancient Greece dance Dance was very important to the Greek culture. They believed it helped your physical and emotional health. There were more than 200 greek dances. Men and women rarely danced together. Theater was a big deal in Ancient Greece. Crowds of 15,000 people gathered to see a play. Prisoners were temporally released to attend. Every town had at least one theater. Ancient Greece power point by Kaya Lewis would you want to live in Ancient Greece? Sources Ancient Greece- Eye Witness book MrDonn.org
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