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How to: Makeup Presentation

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Make Up

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of How to: Makeup Presentation

How to: Makeup Presentation

How to: Concealer
How to: Conceal (Bags, Darkness, and Zits)
You will need (Bags):
Liquid Concealer with lifting ingredients
Beauty Blender
Loose Powder

You should use a more peach based concealer compared to a yellow based because beach brings more warmth to the skin. The under eye area is more susceptible to lines/wrinkles. Concealers with lifting ingredients such as Vitamin A helps to prevent the indentations of the lines and wrinkles. The concealer should be applied in an upside down triangle shape under the eyes. When using the beauty blender you should dampen it and pat it over concealed areas with loose setting powder.
The most common bought product is Anastasia by Beverly Hills
Clean up!!
use a different angle brush than the one you used for your brows

How to: Contour
Contour becomes different with each facial shape. Contour is a technique meant to bring out the best in each ones facial features.
You will need:
makeup brushs
You can start by brushing your bronzer where the sun hits your face—on your nose, across your forehead, on your cheekbones and around your jawline. Making sure to be lighthanded with this, sweeping strokes so that you don’t get too heavy on the application. The darkest makeup being applied is your bronzer and it should start from your hairline, brushing it out toward your cheeks. Then, brushing you highlighter on across your cheek and back to your ears. And taking your sweet time to blend it in.
Applying eyeshadow is quite simple. The hardest part of it for most people is being able to define specific colors in there eyeshadow. All you have to do is learn how to pat and blend.

You need to: prime your eyelids to help the color last for long periods of time
You then typically would pick a few colors to work with.
its important to always remember to prime your face before you apply foundation.
start with a fresh face!!
apply primer on your fingers or brush (if you prefer)
then follow by apply your primer fully throughout your face
you can use either a brow pencil or pigment
use an angle brush followed by a dense brush to move around the product in your brows
use your foundation or concealer
eyeliner can be used in many different styles so ultimately depends on the look you are going for that day
Lashes can be tricky to apply at first but once you get the hang of it & feel comfortable apply them then its easy
1. apply glue to lash line on fake lashes

2. wait 30 seconds to allow to the glue to dry a little

3. then use tweezers or you fingers (which ever you prefer)

4. then
apply your lashes to your lower eyelid
Why People Wear Makeup !
For confidence
To look older/younger
For a clear complexion
To look attractive
To enhance beauty
For fun
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