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Reasons for maintaining biodiversity

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Iman Khan

on 16 April 2016

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Transcript of Reasons for maintaining biodiversity

It is important to maintain biodiversity for various reasons. These can arranged into three groups.
Economic Reasons
Soil erosion and desertification may occur as a result of deforestation, this will reduce a country's ability to grow crops, which in turn could lead to resource and economic dependence on other nations.
Areas rich in biodiversity provide a pleasing, attractive environment and can promote tourism
The greater the diversity in an ecosystem the greater the potential for the manufacture of products in the future. For example provide cures or treatment for disease
Large scale habitat and biodiversity losses mean that species with potential economic importance may become extinct before they are even discovered, for example undiscovered species in the tropical rainforests maybe chemically or medically useful
Ecological Reasons
All organisms are interdependent on others for survival, the removal of one species may have a significant effect on others, for example a food source maybe lost
Some species are Keystone species meaning they have a large effect on the environment due to their being an abundance of them, they affect many other organisms in an ecosystem and determine the species richness and evenness, and this will drastically change if they are removed
Aesthetic reasons
Presence of different plants and animals enriches our lives.
Natural world provides inspiration for people such as musicians and writers.
Studies have shown that patients recover more rapidly from stress and injury when supported by plants and a relatively natural environment.
Human activity versus biodiversity
Although humans have negative impacts on biodiversity they can also however have a role in increasing biodiversity by:
planting hedges
forest management
Reasons for maintaining biodiversity
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