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Current Event College Project

No description

Elisabeth Luken

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Current Event College Project

Comparing Colleges in Florida and Indiana By: Elisabeth Luken, Stephanie Burdsall, University of South Florida University of Miami The University of Notre Dame
South Bend, Indiana Purdue University Location: Lafayette, Indiana
Tuition- in state: $9,900 out of state:$28,702
Room and Board: $10,378
Enrollment: 30,776
Degrees: Associates, Masters, Bachelors, Doctors
Prerequisite: Founded in 1869 Location: Tampa Florida
Tuition: $16,260
Room and Board: $8,960
Enrollment: 39,596
Degrees: Masters, Doctors, Bachelors, Associates
Prerequisite: Founded in 1956 Sam Gibbon was considered by many to be the founder of the school. Named after benefactor John Purdue. Indiana University and Hannah Hearon Location: Bloomington, IN Tuition: in state-$9,028 out of state-$27,689 Room and Board: $7,918 Enrollment: 38,990 Degrees: Doctor's, Master's, Bachelor's, Associate's Prerequisites: GPA 3.0-4.0 SAT: 1324 ACT: 1210 Founded In 1820 Location: Fort Myers, FL Tuition: in state-$4,991 out of state-$21,318 Room and Board: $8,150 Enrollment: 13,055 Degrees: Doctor's, Master's, Bachelor's, Associate's Prerequisites: SAT- CR (460); M (460); W (440) ACT- R (19); M (19); E (17); E/W (18) Florida Gulf Coast University Founded in
1991 GPA-2.5
ACT-22 GPA: 3.0
SAT: 1130
ACT: 25 Private
Tuition: $44,605 per year
Room and Board: $12,512
Enrollment: 12,004
Prerequisites: 3.7 GPA, Core 40 Diploma (preferably with honors), and SAT/ACT scores.
Degrees: Undergraduate and graduate degrees in majors like art, music, African studies, romance languages, literature (etc.)
Fun Facts: There are students from over fifty states and one hundred countries. Notre Dame is one of the very few colleges to frequently rank on the "U.S. News & World Report Top 25 List." University of Miami
Miami, Florida
Tuition: $39,654
Room and Board:$11,528
Enrollment: 15,000
Prerequisites: (General N/A)
Honors Program: Minimum SAT of 1400 and ACT of 32, you must also have graduated in the top 5% of your high school class.
Degrees: Undergraduate and graduate degrees in pre-law, law, chemistry, physics, nursing, biology, health, medicine, economics, business, technology, engineering, architecture, marine geology, and marine biology (etc).
Fun Facts: The University of Miami is recognized as one of the best research colleges in the nation. It is also the 44th ranked college according to "U.S. News & World Report." They recieve over $360 million dollars per year in donations for further research, mostly in the medical field. Mascot: Boilermaker Mascot: Bull
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