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Graduates' Foot Steps

No description

Chialin Hsieh

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Graduates' Foot Steps

Graduates' Foot Steps!
Who Are Our Graduates
576 graduates earned 871 degree/certificates
In average, a graduate earned 1.5 degree/certificate
338 graduates earned 437 degrees
238 graduates earned 434 certificates
22 graduates who earned degrees had ESL courses in their academic history for the 6 year span.
These 22 graduates had totally earned 34 degrees/certificates.
The average unit earned is 135 units.
51% were the age of 20-29
34% live in Redwood City
57% took 9 or more units per semester
41% were out of high school 6 years or less
25% were from outside of USA
62% had high school diploma
47% earned AS
39% earned AA
12% earned Arts-Transfer degree
AS Degree major:
Business Administration
Radiologic Technology
AA Degree:
Interdisciplinary studies
AA Transfer Degree:
Psychology CSU
Sociology CSU
Communication Studies CSU
Sociology UC
Top 5 high schools graduates came from:
Out of country high school (17%)
Sequoia High School
Woodside High School
Carlmont High School
Menlo-Atherton High School
15% of graduates once upon a time were first-time students in the 6 years span
Graduates from summer 2013, fall 2013, and spring 2014
Traced 6 years back from spring 2014 for 18 semesters (starting summer 2008)
More than 60% of graduates took English or math courses from Cañada when they first enrolled at Cañada.
More than 70% of graduates took English or math courses in the district when they first enrolled at Cañada.
There were 117 graduates who earned degree and had basic skills or ESL courses in their academic history in the 6 years span.

Of these 338 graduates, 117 had basic skills or ESL courses. It is about 35% of our graduates who started their college journey from basic skills or ESL.
These 117 graduates earned a total of 221 degrees/certificates.
The average unit earned is 111 units.
Most of them major in:
interdisciplinary studies,
business administration,
medical assistant, or
Basic Skills
The Gap between Entering to Cañada and taking English/Math
by Dr. Chialin Hsieh
Dean of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness
Cañada College
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