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My personal Learning environment

No description

Matthew Chiu

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of My personal Learning environment

My Personal Learning Environment PLE for short It is all the personal digital resources
I have at my disposal to supplement
My learning with Let's start off with the most important one shall we??? The Leeds Uni VLE Virtual Learning Environment for
those that don't know.
Shame if you don't you're missing out It contains all my lecture notes!!!
In digital form which makes it easy to print off
Which means I can have a copy to annotate in the lecture. Here is a screen shot of the page
where I can download my lecture notes But theres more !!! I also have my reading lists,
Links to websites for extra reading . This can be very useful in cases where the lecture material and the books I have at my disposal does not cover in great detail the topic I am studying. It is a fountain of knowledge where I refer to often. But this is not the only resource availiable at my disposal. I have many more, such as... Wikipedia !!! It may not be the most accurate place for information
but it can give a brief introduction to the subject
before deeper reading begins.
It can be an invaluable resource for early reading to get an understanding for the concept. And there is plenty more websites which comprises my PLE They are:
and RSS feeds from many more. Youtube is an invaluable resource
due to it containing many videos explaining various
concepts and other things. Heres an example Thats all folks... By Matthew Chiu And I appologise for anyone getting
vertigo watching this presentation
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