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ID orientation

Orientation for upcoming 9th and 10th graders.

Tammy Kay Brunson

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of ID orientation

Student and Staff Identification
What's the Big Deal? Safety is the Big Deal!
"We mark the good people to keep the bad people out" IDs must be worn at all times in the building to easily identify students and staff ID Protocol first ID free!
grade color and lanyard
$5 to replace lost or defaced ID
$1 to replace lanyard

What if I forget my ID? 3 "Free" Forgets Sign your name on the pad at the front or back door

Honor system
Take a temporary "temporary" sticker for first period Temps cost $1 after the 3rd
Report cards are held for ID fines
Check PowerSchool parent portal for fine amounts Consequences? Oh, yes - your money
and your time . . . 5 temps - Saturday school and parent contact plus the fines
8 temps - 2 days ISS plus the fines
10 plus temps - suspension plus the fines
Temp IDs are made during 1st period from lists
Pick up after 1st period outside MC
Leftover temps are taken to the front office
Failure to pick up ID will result in Saturday School Beat the system? Been there . . . tried that! We've seen it all when it comes
to trying to beat the ID system
- It only results in heartache -
So just wear it!
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