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Consequences of the Armenian Genocide

No description

Patrick Reilly

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of Consequences of the Armenian Genocide

Consequences of the Armenian Genocide
Amount of People affected within the region
The entire Ottoman empire was effected by this and this event helped lead to the collapse of the empire.
How did society change?
There were very few Armenians left in Turkey after the genocide and as a result society in the Ottoman Empire continued to decline.
Was Society rebuilt?
The government leaders who ordered the genocide of the Armenians fled the country after World War I.
Change in the Lives of Victims
The entirety of the Armenians were seen as outsiders and threats to the Turkish government and population.
Death Toll
Of the 1.75 million Armenians living in the Ottoman empire, about 1.5 million were killed throughout the genocide.
A Change in the Government
Ever since the genocide in Turkey, the Armenians have not really returned to the place of their greatest despair.
Short and Long Term Effects
The population was decreased to a much lower number and the Armenians that survived were forced into exile and fled the country.
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