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We Want You to Suck More

clients from average photographers.

Clicking Start Prezi below.

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of We Want You to Suck More

affects what we
people who want to listen.
what potential clients believe!
Their beliefs were there before your marketing.
How Marketing Works
Admit it.
Average people are good at ignoring you.
Great photography and a great story attract great clients.
Narrow your focus.
Focus your marketing on people who will believe your story.
People are used to telling stories to themselves and to each other, and it's just natural to buy from someone who's telling us a story.
Great stories are rarely aimed at everyone.
Tell a story people want to retell.
Even if we had a magic phrase that could turn people into clients, we couldn't use it . . .
In the beginning, there was the
Tell stories to
What matters is what
(It's easier to ride a horse in the direction it's already going.)
Facts Are Irrelevant
In the short run, it
doesn't matter if
other photography
is better or worse
than yours.
You're a Liar

So am I.
Everyone is a liar.
When you know the secret
The reason marketing seems irrational and faddy is because it is.
You don't have enough time or money to use facts to prove your case.
Don't try to change someone's value for photography (or anything else).
Average people have too many different levels of value for photography and average people are by and large easily satisfied.
BUT- narrow your focus you'll broaden
your appeal.
The reason most photographers are struggling with profit margins is that they see themselves a selling great photography. But that has become a commodity. And they're stuck trying to convince people theirs is better.
But why create scenes?
Does my data really need sceneography?
If you like to focus on details, yes.
If your story is consistent with
what they already believe about
photography, they are more
likely to believe it.
Who we are
What people tells themselves about photography is influenced by their preconceived beliefs they had before your message arrived. And you can only influence their beliefs, not control them.
what she believes affects:
Attention: will she pay attention? If she doesn't think she needs photography, she's far less likely to notice you.
travel in context
no jumps, no spins
use frames to zoom in and out
It's easy to blend in . . .
(the knot)
The story never
People won't believe your
Think like a photographer / filmaker when you move
How to Create Storytelling
Great Photography Wins
A Remarkable Story to Tell
If you don't buy into it, sooner or later your business will hit the wall.
What story should a mother tell?
more great images . . .
Yeah, easier said than done.
So let's see some examples,
A legacy of love. . .
Simple and traditional, but with only headlines it lacks the rest of the story . . .
The headline creates curiosity and the text describes how a family portrait will make you FEEL. The back side talks about the value of a portrait and how quickly time passes. Finally, we ask the question we'd like mom to ask herself. And for those who need a final reason to act now, a gift with an expiration date.
The key ingredient you can use Today.
Four Important Qualities That a Good Headline Must Possess:
The most expensive advertising you can do.
You can't fake it - you must live the story and refuse to compromise.
Combine even average photography with a remarkable story and you'll have something worth talking about.
things look different
Rather than telling people facts,
tell them an unexpected story.

Be remarkable!
Be consistent!
Be authentic!

Tell your story to people who are
inclined to believe it. Live the lie.
Target a group of potential clients who have a need and will believe your story.
People only notice what's new and then make a guess.
First impressions start the story
A story changes a person's
experience and he tells himself a lie.
Stories with authenticity survive.
. . . because we don't know which person is going to listen to which message.
If you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one.
Only 202 Dodge Darts were sold in 2012
Successful photographers realize that offering remarkable photography and products with a great story is more important and more profitable than doing what everyone else is doing, but just a bit better.
You're wrong.
Bias: everyone has a list. When your story appears they instantly color all the information you provide.
(when it works)
Use engaging headlines everywhere.
Language: how you say something is as important as what you say. Your story must match what people expect.
We lie to clients because clients demand it.
Great photography give you a shot at marketing.
Don't market to the masses.
start with great images
Portraits Are Forever
Amazing direction of light? Perfect light-ratio? Just the right depth-of-field? The photographer was great with the kids?
What's the story?
just because you want them to or because you've got their attention.
SEO suggests enough people are looking
Don't advertise "yesterday's news."
average people who don't care
People who want a remarkable solution
It'll only appeal to people who want a cheap cup of caffeine.
If you’ve done the right kind of optimization—the optimization of first click to sale, the optimization of first click to satisfied customer—then (and only then) will your SEO investment pay off
It's almost impossible to out-yell someone with the same story.
1. Self-interest
2. News
3. Curiosity
4. Quick, easy way
Self-interest is by far the most important of these headline qualities.
80% of the motivation
is the headline.
5 times as many people
read the headline as the
body copy.
People hate to be photographed, so why would they hire a Pro?




Make a statement
Plan or Replace
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