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Live Event Pitch.

No description

Ellie Norman

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Live Event Pitch.

Live Event Pitch Name and Logo Students aged 16+:

Interested in alternative/rock music - but still enjoy to hear acoustic music. - Most rock bands release acoustic versions of their songs.

Goes to local gigs a lot interested in the local scene as well as having favourite bands. - Low budget entertainment. Taken from the word Musicalize, meaning to set something to music; just as were setting the evening to music.

Proposed logo - Type containing a heart monitor style line playing from the 'alive' part of the name. Green to fit with the colours on the machines - Not a medical reference but strips it back to be more human - just you and the music. Any Questions? Concept Format Mood and Tone Talent Design - The location - St Nicholas Centre - plenty of space for two small stages and crew.
- Room for a small interviewing space - interviewing bands in between performances ; Keeps the show running smoothly.
- Main stage for bigger rock acts and a smaller stage for acoustic artists; also splits the studio into two sections making it more dynamic.
- Two main presenters, male and female and a back stage presenter; Keeps the show interesting and fun. - alternative/rock bands -genre has a strong following amongst our target audience.
-Basing Talent around this music we have found some local bands that fit these genres.
-These bands are “Heartaker” and “Studio SE”.
-“Heartaker” are a four piece band from Suffolk who specialise in Rock/Pop and Alternative.
-“Studio SE” are a duo from Suffolk who specialise in R&B, Soul, Pop and Jazz.
We think these bands are perfect for our show as they are both completely different and alternative and we want our idea to be based around alternative music. •Upbeat and a free caring attitude
•Appearance – rocky/attitude

•Colour scheme – dark colours: reds, blacks and purples, whites and yellows to meet both the rocky and alternative feel.
• Male and female… does not limit the target audience to one sex.
•Third presenter for back stage interviews after the performance like the BBC programme Strictly Come Dancing. Target Audience Set - Basic as possible; keeps that concert-y feeling. Staging, amps, backdrops of bands logo or image?

Staging - 2 stages, interview area/backstage, presenters area. - Introduce interviews within the backstage areas of the set? E.g. sound equipment/ staging etc.

Lighting - White and Red Light; contrasts well against each other. Colour Connotations. Promotion Posters/Flyers - in college direct access to audience; Hypodermic Needle Effect.
Magazine e.g. IP1
College Radio - Idents, Adverts;plug bands
Website- Constant updates; bands, crew progress, vlogs and competitions?
SMO - link website to facebook and twitter; keep updated constantly - big news = website.
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