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Pride and Prejudice Volume 3

No description

Dan Mele

on 18 October 2014

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Transcript of Pride and Prejudice Volume 3

Chapters 43 to 46
Chapters 51 to 55
Chapter 51
Lydia and Wickham arrive at Longbourn
Darcy had attended their wedding
Elizabeth writes to Mrs. Gardiner for more information
Chapter 52
Mrs. Gardiner replies
Chapter 53
Bingley is returning to Netherfield
Bingley and Darcy visit the Bennets
They both will come back to dine soon
Chapter 54
Bingley and Darcy return again for dinner
Elizabeth feels there's no future with Darcy
Chapter 55
Bingley returns again but by himself
Bingley proposes to Jane
Jane realizes his sisters interfered to try to keep them apart
Chapter 56 to 61
Chapters 47 to 50
Pride and Prejudice Volume 3
Aleaha Wacker
Sam Marino
Melissa Horak
Jaden DeFazio
Dan Mele
Chapters 43 to 61
Taking a Deeper Look:
Taking a Deeper Look:
Cake Decorating Contest
-You will be divided into teams based on your group project teams.
-Each team has the materials provided to them on the table in front of them. Nothing more. Nothing less.
-There will be two rounds in which each team will have to decorate a cake based on the themes provided.
-Once the themes are given you will have 10 minutes to complete the challenge.
-There are TWO CAKES because there are TWO ROUNDS!!!
-You will be judged based on creativity and how well you decorate your cake based on the given theme.
-If there is a tie in the end, there will be a tie-breaker.
Do's and Don'ts
-DO think outside the box... there will be a prize for the winning team.
-DO be mindful about clothing and Mr. Krush's classroom. You will not have aprons and please be careful with the carpets.
-DO refrain from poking each other with the toothpicks
-DO use the hand sanitizer provided before starting the game... you don't want Ebola. We will be eating the cakes once we declare a winner.
-DO mix the food coloring in the plastic bags by kneading the icing rather than mixing the food coloring in the bowl (it can get messy)
-DON'T continue to work on your cake once the time is done. When the timer goes off you must drop everything and put your hands up.
-DON'T disagree impolitely. *cough cough* Mr.Krush's rules

Round 1
Round 2
Life Journeys

Throughout these four chapters, we really start to see a change in Darcy and Elizabeth’s feelings for each other. Prejudices seem to be fading while love is flourishing. Elizabeth is finally starting to see Darcy for who he really is. She learns much more about him when they spend time together rather than making biased judgments based off rumors and gossip.

Chapter 56
Lady Catherine de Bourgh pays a visit to the Bennets
Lady Catherine lets Elizabeth know of her opinion
The conversation results in Elizabeth telling Lady Catherine that she cannot make any promises

Chapter 57
Elizabeth is curious as to how Lady Catherine knows of this rumor
Mr. Bennet asks Elizabeth to explain certain things after he receives a letter from Mr. Collins
Mr. Bennet is now confused

Chapter 58
Darcy arrives back at Netherfield
When Darcy and Elizabeth are all alone Elizabeth thanks Darcy for saving Lydia’s reputation
Darcy clarifies saying that he only did it because Lydia is Elizabeth’s sister
The two of them confess their love for each other
Elizabeth now wants to put a ring on it

Chapter 59
Elizabeth tells Jane of the good news
Elizabeth and Darcy discuss their plans to ask Mr. & Mrs. Bennet for their approval and blessings in their marriage
She explains how Darcy paid off Wickham and reassures her father that she has love for him
Mrs. Bennet is overwhelmed with joy once she realizes how rich she will be

Chapter 60
Darcy and Elizabeth talk about how their love started
Darcy writes a letter to Lady Catherine
Mr. Bennet writes a letter to Mr. Collins
Celebration at Longbourn

Chapter 61
The book concludes with:
Mr. Bingley and Jane residing in an estate near Pemberley
Mrs. Bennet still being crazy
The Bennet sisters still visiting each other
Lydia and Wickham still are together and begin asking Elizabeth (since she’s rich now) for money
Lady Catherine changes her nasty attitude towards the marriage
Elizabeth and Georgina become friends
The Gardiners are still good friends with Darcy and Elizabeth since they helped bring the two of them together
Taking a Deeper Look:
The difference in social class has created tension between Elizabeth and Lady Catherine de Bourgh. Lady de Bourgh feels that it’s almost ridiculous to think that a wealthy man such as Darcy would ask Elizabeth for her hand in marriage. The moment in chapter fifty-six when the confrontation occurs between the two ladies was the final obstacle being knocked down when Elizabeth tells Lady de Bourgh how it is. In the end of the book Austen shows the reader that love triumphs all concerns of social class and wealth.
Throughout this section, there are many concerns about Lydia and Wickham. Everyone in the family seems to have differing views on the situation. Through the Lydia-Wickham situation, Elizabeth realizes how perfect she and Darcy are for each other, but fears their love will never prevail.
Taking a Deeper Look:
Wickham and Lydia’s marriage isn’t based on love rather it’s based on convenience. Elizabeth never expected Darcy to be involved in her sister’s marriage. She is very grateful. Darcy has proven his desire to set aside some pride to help Elizabeth by dealing with Wickham and help save the Bennet’s reputation. As the engagement unfolds we finally get to witness what a true and genuine love relationship consists of.
Chapter 47
Elizabeth thinks that Wickham and Lydia didn't get married because she thinks Wickham would not marry without money. The Gardiner’s try and assure her otherwise
Jane is running things at Longbourn because Mr. Bennet is in London, not writing to his family.
Chapter 48
Mr. Collins sends the Bennet family a letter telling them to disown Lydia to save the rest of the family’s reputation
Chapter 49
Mr. Gardiner finds Lydia and Wickham
When Mrs. Bennet finds out Lydia is to be married, she becomes extremely happy, and all of her grief disappears
Chapter 50
Mrs. Bennet finds out that Wickham and Lydia will be living in north England, so she is very resentful of the marriage because she does not want Lydia to move so far away
Elizabeth now fears that her future with Darcy is hopeless
She is very sad because she finally realized how perfect she and Darcy are for each other

Question Time
Chapter 43
• Elizabeth and Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner visit Pemberley
• They are given a tour by a housekeeper who praises Darcy
• Darcy suddenly appears!
• Asks Elizabeth if she would mind meeting his sister
Chapter 44
• Dinner at Pemberley
Chapter 45
• The men go fishing, while Mrs. Gardiner & Elizabeth visit the women at Pemberley
• Caroline tries to embarrass Elizabeth by mentioning Wickham’s name
• Plan backfires on Caroline
Chapter 46
• Elizabeth receives two letters
• Elizabeth runs into Darcy
• She is afraid that Darcy will no longer love her and won’t want to marry into her family
• Elizabeth and the Gardiners leave for Longbourn
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