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Visual Story of Cotton

Story of Cotton told in pictures from the seed to the end product

Sophie Davidson

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Visual Story of Cotton

The story of cotton
How Cotton is Grown
and made into the products that we use everyday
The cotton plant growth
transported by truck to the gin
to wait in line with the cotton from other farms to be ginned
Almost all of Australian Cotton is then sent overseas to be made into fabric
First squares
Flower bud
Pollinated flower
Squares 10 weeks
Immature bolls
First hint of cotton
Nearing harvest
Cotton boll
Ready for harvest
Freshly harvested cotton
where machines separate the.....
fuzzy seed
for the cows
for mulch
to be shipped
Nothing is wasted
It is spun into yarn, woven and dyed
This presentation was created by Cotton Australia. It may be adapted for individual classroom use (not for profit. All images are subject to copyright. Where images are attributed they may be reused if attributed.
Australian cotton.... naturally grown
World's best
Cotton Products
Products made from Cotton Lint/Fibre
60% of the world's cotton harvest is used to make clothing, with the rest used in home furnishings and industrial products
Photo by Dotty Finlow
Alexandria Galea
Australian Weaving Mills
Products made from Cotton Seed
The most common uses of cottonseed are oil for cooking and feed for livestock. They are also used in soaps and cosmetics.
Kaustav Bhattacharya
Cotton liners are fine, very short fibres that remain on the cottonseed after ginning. Here are some of the things they are used to make.
Products made from Cotton Liners
Ivy Dawner
Allen Gathman
Photo by Claire Jenkins
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