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Mayan Empire

No description

Maeve Raphael-Reily

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of Mayan Empire

Mayan Empire
Had Looms, paint, rubber and minerals
Invented a Tumpline, a backpack that was used to comfortably carry heavy loads by foot
Created and understood a number system
Advanced Hydraulic system

Government and Laws
Money wasn’t used, but there were goods of higher value. Those were cacao seeds, salt, obsidian or gold, but their value fluctuated based on region.
No form of currency could be agreed upon.
Subsistence goods are usually produced by need and by person for personal use. Other goods that are lavish are considered prestige items and a sign of upper class.
The Mayan economy was based on agriculture and trade between other city-states or nations.
The Mayan Empire:
They knew many answers but not many reasons

Theme and Scale
-Kids that were children of the Nobles were taught math, science, economy, medicine, writing, and other subjects by Priests.
-Lower class children were taught by family or friends on what they learned throughout their years.
-The children were supposed to learn a sense of responsibility, which includes, independence, self-confidence, and the ability to make decisions.
Your Place in their World
Education of the Mayans
Crime and Punishment
-The Mayans understood the concept of 0
-They understood the fields of Medicine and Astronomy, their calender had 365 days so they understand the concept of the earth rotating the sun.
They also spoke many languages, but the most prestigious language was Spanish.
- All the language were transcribed by hieroglyphs and their number system consisted of circles and lines.

Villagers using Tumplines
The Corn God
(on a scale of modernity from1-5)
Mayan Culture
All of the Mayans culture was based on religion.
Kinich Ahau sun god
Chac, rain god
Mayans practiced human sacrifice
Mayan king
sun god
Mayan Calender
Mayan Writing
Mayan Numbering System
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