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The Walt Disney Company

No description

Harneet Brar

on 23 June 2014

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Transcript of The Walt Disney Company

The leading, renowned Walt Disney Company, commonly referred to as Disney, dwells in millions of hearts across the globe and is a great part of childhood for many.
Mission Statement of Disney
The mission statement of The Walt Disney Company is to be one of the world's leading producers and providers of entertainment and information.
Economic Basics
Types of Businesses
Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
International Business
Human Resources
Business Management
Invention & Innovation
Income Management
Saving & Investing

Economic Basics
Types of Businesses
Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
International Business
Business Management
Invention & Innovation
Income Management
Saving & Investing
Company Overview
The Walt Disney Company has five different business segments that make it the leading diversified family entertainment and media enterprise it is today. These segments are;
Media Networks
Parks & Resorts
The Walt Disney Studios
Disney Consumer Products
Disney Interactive
Disney's Global Footprint
Content and experiences that are relevant to many cultures and localities found around the world are created by The Walt Disney Company.In fact, Disney has operations in more than 40 countries across the globe and, more continue to set up this very moment.
ex. Canada, Italy, Israel, Mexico, Spain,Venezuela, South Africa, Sweden, India
Furthermore, the Walt Disney Company has approximately 175,000 employees and cast members!
The Multibillion-Dollar Corporation
Limited Liability
Perpetual Existence
More Expensive to Form and Run
More Legal Formality
Is Disney Profitable?

2013- (In millions) Total Revenue: $45 041
Costs & Expenses: $35 591
Total Net Income: $6 636
Overall, observing the data extending over the course of twelve months, the price has generally increased, despite the several downfalls.
April 2013- ranged from 55 to the high 50s
March 2014- range from 80 to 83
What Makes Disney so much Bigger?
Nickelodeon Animation Studios and DreamWorks Animation are two very popular and recognized companies that are also considered Disney's greatest competitors. But Disney being so much more diverse, is considered much larger.
Business Ethics
Disney has 5 different areas through which they provide customers products and/or services. Unfortunately one of these tends to have faced, and continue to face charges of unsafe/unethical issues; Disney Parks and Resorts. It has been involved in several lawsuits varying from bad service, to injuries, to kidnapping and even death; it has been sued for negligence.
Social Responsibility
Disney has always been determined to give back to
communities, as they have the will to help spread more happiness.
Disney's grants and financial support are focused on three areas;
- donating to several charitable organizations
- protecting the environment and conserving nature
- promoting imagination, storytelling, play and
thought leadership
Disney Wellness Program for Employees
Disney workers and cast members are entitled to certain benefits such as;
health and wellness,
family-friendly benefits,
saving programs, and the
Disney Scholarship program
Disney Healthy Pursuits Program
The Walt Disney Company produces hundreds of different products and offers several services around the world. After the USA, Japan has the most number of Disney stores located in the country. Not to mention one of the greatest destinations in Japan, the Tokyo Disney Resort.
Disney exports a great variety of products to Japan, as there are stores located there. Also, the resorts are one of the main methods through which Disney sells it's merchandise and so exporting to the Tokyo Disney Resort is required.
Disney also imports products from Japan. Products such as clothes, collectibles, toys etc are all for the most manufactured in other countries across the globe, including Japan. In fact, Japan has been one of the leading importers of Disney.
The Walt Disney Company is an international diversified entertainment company that produces a wide range of products and services.
Media Networks
the channels that this business segment is comprised of makes it possible for Disney products to reach viewers (TV films, TV shows etc.)
Parks and Resorts
Theme parks, Water parks, different small resorts, hotels, cruise lines, spas etc.
The Walt Disney Company Studios
animated & non-animated films
TV shows
Disney Consumer Products
clothing, toys, collectibles, home & decor, entertainment, disney parks products etc.
Disney Interactive
console games, online virtual worlds, several web destinations
Although Disney comes up with the idea of the products and sells them, there are different manufacturers around the world that set up factories to make all of the products sold. Some countries that Disney products are or have been manufactured from are China, Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc.
The Walt Disney Company's original owner and director is evidently, Walt Disney with the support of his brother Roy Disney. Though today, there exist two branches of leaders;
board of directors
. Though the management team further expands to two more divisions,
and the
business unit.
Each business segment is run by the members of the business unit. Though there is one man who is the leader of the management team as well as a member of the board of directors. For the past few years, he has also been the CEO of this company.
Robert Iger,
one of the most powerful business men in the world.
Disney's marketing mix consists of the four P's; product, price, place and promotions.
high quality films, merchandise, fun parks & resorts, games, TV shows etc.
Disney wishes to reach even greater heights and that is only possible if they have mass media involved. Thus, Disney finalizes prices on its products keeping the middle class in mind.
Disney Stores, Disney Online Stores, Parks & Resorts, Theaters etc.
the Disney label itself can successfully promote products.
through various media
promoted tours and packages
sales and online stores
Adored by the public eye, many times Disney has used advertising to impress consumers and attract them. Disney often advertises through
Disney channels
social media
and much more
The Walt Disney Company's

(in millions)
Total Assets: $81 241
Total Liabilities & Equity: $81 241
Total Income: $45 041
Total Expense: $35 591
Net Profit: $6 636
If I had money to invest, would I invest in the Walt Disney Company?
Indeed it started from a mouse, but who's the man behind the mouse?
The man behind the "magic", Walter Elias Disney.
Through his hard wok and commitment, he formed a new entertainment empire, changing the face of entertainment forever. With a suitcase and 20 dollars, Disney came to Hollywood with a dream, which he soon made reality. He is one of the most inspirational figures in entertainment.
One of this company's inventions, a rather legendary creation, stands out from the rest. He has become such a prominent figure of the entertainment industry that has become the very first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Unarguably, Mickey Mouse is the most significant inventions of the Walt Disney Company. He has become a symbolic figure of this company as well.
Mickey Mouse was created by two very imaginative creators, Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. Everyone is well aware of Walt Disney and his inspirational story, but not many know much about Ub Iwerks. He is considered a Disney Legend, someone who has made an extraordinary and integral contribution to The Walt Disney Company.

Iwerks was a great artist, that created amazing work. But, he is not given as much recognition as he should today.
How does Disney earn it's income?
These are the most common things businesses spend their money on, including the Walt Disney Company;
Computer Technology
The three most popular methods of Disney earning it's income is through;
Amusement Parks
What do Businesses Spend their Money on?
Disney and Financial Aid from TD
The Walt Disney Company profited $45 billion dollars the past year, thus when financial aid is required, they will receive commercial banking. Commercial banking provides many services to companies such as accepting deposits, making business loans, and offering basic investment products. TD bank offers numerous commercial banking services. If Disney ever needed to, it could probably use

Asset-Based Lending (ABL)
Financial Risk Management
Some of the investments that Disney has made this
year were for
the theme park and resort expansions
new rides and attractions
cruise ships
frequent capital
systems infrastructure
Credit is basically the privilege of using someone else’s money to purchase an item or service now and pay for it later. Credit is involved in many factors of business such as
bank loans
used to make a wide variety of purchases
accounts payable
money owed by a company to its creditors
Disney 2013: $6.8 billion
accounts receivable
capital owed to a company by its debtors
Disney 2013: $6.6 billion
long-term plans to purchase property
Disney is clearly a well-established business, but to others it means much more. It inspires children to dream and openly express their imaginations. It provides the opportunity for people to come together and spend quality time with each other.

The Walt Disney Company has itself created a world for children in which they find their happiness. It brings families together and gifts them everlasting memories.
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