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Ronnie Radke

No description

Madison Knowles

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Ronnie Radke

Ronnie was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.
He is now 30 years old
Ronnie's mom abandoned the family when he was very young.
He was the lead singer of Escape the Fate, but got kicked out in 2008
He is now the lead singer in Falling In Reverse.
Ronnie is a singer/songwriter
Ronnie has one daughter named Willow Radke who will be a year old on June 11
Some Hardships
Ronnie grew up without a mother.
He had a bad drug problem.
Ronnie was charged with battery in the shooting of Michael Cook.
He had five years of probation for both drug possession and the battery charges.
He went to prison for violating his probation for four years and was let out two and a half years later.
His brother died in a car accident on August 10, 2013.
How he was better than Odysseus
How He was Strong
Odysseus fought monsters as we all know, but his monsters, he could always find a strategy to get away from them.
Ronnie is fighting problems that are his 'monsters' and he has to fight them his whole life.
Odysseus cant help but still taunt people like cyclopes.
Ronnie learned that wasnt the way to go.
Work Sited






His flaws
Ronnie Radke
Some Facts :)
Ronnie Over came a very hard drug addiction of Heroin,Oxycontin, and cocain mixed together.
He battled his way through life without a mother.
He lived through an overdose in 2005.
He made it through prison.
He had to leave all his "friends" and find new ones.
Ronnie watched a man die.
Two months after his daughter was born his brother died in a car crash.

Ronnie can be a little out of control sometimes.
He is always tempted to do drugs.
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