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geography and weather in Britain


chris 杨

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of geography and weather in Britain

Do you want to learn more about the Britain?
Follow us! About Great Britain more details?
Let's GO! Geography & Weather
in Britain The United Kingdom of Great Britain and North Ireland,is a sovereign state located off the northwestern coast of continental Europe with a total area of approximately 243,610 square km. Geography of the UK 3:Coastline Physical Geography Local government Human Geography the weather This Evening and Tonight
Cloudy overnight with further rain in places at first.
Most areas become dry for a time, although further rain
is likely to spread to much of the area by morning,
except perhaps some western areas. Misty in places. average-rainfall-london climate average-sunshine-london rainfall link between two factors C L I M A T E sunshine temperature a small range of temperature a favorable maritime climate northwestern southeastern W E A T H E R annoying & unpredictable Forecast Summary by Octo.19th 0:00
from BBC Boring
Global warming & the Green house effect
No extremes
Effect on English character the group member Christine Thanks for your attention! The end links between them (1) the surrounding waters tend to balance the seasonal differences by... (2)the prevailing south-west winds or westerlies blow over the country. (3)the warm current-the North Drift Different
perspectives Beenle Lauren Britain and Ireland satellite image 1:Mountains and hills At 1,344 metres, Ben Nevis is the highest peak in the UK. 2:Rivers and lakes The Severn at Shrewsbury from Shrewsbury Castle 3:Coastline England: Unitary Authorities, county councils, district councils, parish councils
Wales: Principal areas, communities
Scotland: Council areas, communities
Northern Ireland: Districts Economic geography The economic geography of the UK reflects not only its current position in the global economy, but its long history both as a trading nation and an imperial power.
The UK led the industrial revolution and its highly urban character is a legacy of this, with all its major cities being current or former centres of various forms of manufacturing. However, this in turn was built on its exploitation of natural resources, especially coal and iron ore. England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. all information from
http://www.weather-and-climate.com/average-monthly-Rainfall-Temperature-Sunshine,London,United-Kingdom information from
http://en.wikipedia.com information from
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