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Living in Leuven

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Transcript of Living in Leuven

Report your new address to the city hall of Leuven or your new place of residence, within 8 days

Give your new address to:
- KU Leuven
- The health insurance fund
- Other relevant offices/suppliers (hospital, telephone company, …)

Do My Move – postal service Bpost

Leaving Leuven
You can also look on Kotwijs at the Housing Service, there are pc's and phones available

Leaving home
Upon arrival
800 m
Buy a bicycle
Rent a bicycle
Learn to ride a bicycle
Lock your bicycle
2 km
First week
Step 1: Intake interview
@ registrar's office at University Hall
Step 6: Opening a bank account
Step 4: Health insurance
Need to know
about living
Respect the others
different waste fractions
1. Paper and cardboard
2. Organic waste (GFT)
3. Glass
5. Regular waste
6. Large domestic waste
7. Small dangerous waste
Different pick-up days (depending on where you live) between 6 and 7 am
Check on waste calendar
Respect your fellow kotstudents and landlord!
Common complaints:

Open window?
Turn off the heat!
Need to know about your safety
Need to know about socializing
Step 3: Where to live
Living in Leuven
Getting around
By bicycle
Renting a bicycle & lock
(save time and register first!)
16 € a month, 58 € for 6 months
67 € for 1 year + deposit of 70
Repairing bicycles
Velo-bicycles: included in the price!
Own bicycle: 2 € for using tools + cost of spare parts
Hollestraat 1
3001 Heverlee

Cycling School
016/31 77 01 (Ine Bosmans)

Learn to ride: 5-7 lessons
Cycling in traffic: 2 lessons
Cycling in the city: 2 lessons
Use of bicycle in daily life: 2 lessons

5€ per module
Starting September 23rd
By bus
Leuven & suburbs
With student buspass (€ 20)

First name
Last name
Bus to Heverlee

To campus:
Number 2
Number 616

Number 600
Number 601

Getting Started
Step 5: Registration Procedure City of Leuven

After having secured a permanent address
Submit all required documents
Police Control to verify your address

When moving, keep in mind:

! Avoid penalties for unpaid bills received at an old address!
for your own physical damage during university activities
for your civil liability (damage to others) and professional liability during university activities

Coverage by Third party liability insurance Private Life
€13 per academic year

Covers all damage (physical, material or non-material) caused by you during your private life to a third party

In case of accident:
- Call the police
- Inform the KU Leuven Social Service at Naamsestraat 80

7 student restaurants
4 different meals each day (incl. veggie)
Student prices from €3.20 up to €5.90
Open on weekends
Where to find?
Organic vegetables and/or fruit
from 6 up to €12 a bag
Locally produced by a social economy project
7 pick-up points
Every Monday between 3.30 and 6.30 pm

Where to Buy?
Local markets
Friday market
Where to Meet and Mingle?
A. Vesaliusstraat 34
3000 Leuven
Follow ‘Pangaea’ on

Active student?
Need to know about studying
AGORA Learning Centre
Special Needs? Special Help?
Go online
3. Paperwork
2. Walk the city
Full supply of rooms
Look for this poster behind windows
Scan the QR-code
Get details from Kotwijs on
your smartphone/tablet
Rental contract
Amount of one or two months rent to be paid when signing

Rent & supplementary costs
Modelcontract KU Leuven

Other contracts:
Housing service translates contracts
10, 11, 12 months, 1 semester or short term (= limited offer)
Signed contract cannot be ended before end date!
€ 350 - € 450
Depends on rental term, size and comfort
City tax
90 days
who pays?
who doesn't pay?
90 days
& student
& not registered at city hall

& student
& registered
at city hall
Rental problems?
Housing Service
helps & mediates!
Compulsary in Belgium
Not covered by KU Leuven, own responsibility
Free choice of health care provider
Quarterly fee of €74,86 as a student or € 16,50 as a resident

General Practioner (GP)
Feeling ill?
Tooth ache?
Involves different steps
Takes time
Strict deadlines
Make an appointment with your disability officer
Student Police Officer
: @studentenflik
: Studenteninspecteur Politie Leuven
Most common traffic violations:
Questions about safety and security, traffic problems, organizing a party, victim of a burglary…?
Make sure your bike lights work at night.
No use of cellphone while riding a bicycle/car.
Always stop for a red light,
even if you want to
turn to the right
Leave 1 m free space on pavement.
Respect one way streets.
Respect pedestrian zones: no bicycles except between certain hours.
What if things go wrong?
Social Service
A stepping stone/sympathetic ear
Financial aid

Respect the Planet
Sorting waste (obligatory!)
Cultural differences
Different habits
Campus Leuven
1. Alma 1
2. Alma 2
3. Pauscollege
4. De Valk
Campus Heverlee
5. Alma 3
6. De Moete
Campus Gasthuisberg
7. Alma GHB
You can reschedule
Parents not around
No time to clean
BUT: apply
8th of October
Studies clash with your religious holidays? Exams, compulsory practicals or internship on a religious holiday ?

Why work in Leuven?
Only to earn some extra money
--> It is impossible to cover living
costs with a student job

Finding a job
1.Getting the papers
Wait for residence permit
(can take several weeks)
Get documents at City Hall

2.Looking for a job
Surf to the KU Leuven employment service website

Have a look at the database
Database changes every day, keep looking
Available jobs

Having a job
Social law
During academic year: maximum 20 hours/week

During school holidays: unlimited number of hours

< 50 working days/year
No taxes or social security contribution deduced from your gross income

More questions?
On infofair: Student Employment Service

Insurances: Accidents & Damage

Damage to
someone/something else
Physical damage to yourself
inflicted by someone else
During study-activities
= covered by KU Leuven

Private Life
= 13 euro/year for non-EEA-students

e.g. accident on your way to lesson
e.g. injury on your way to lesson
e.g. cycle-accident on your way to a friend’s room not caused by you
Someone knocks off your glasses in his room, they are broken
Student Health Centre
General Practitioner (doctor)
First line medical care for students, spouses and children
During working hours
teaching days: 8am-6pm
non-teaching days: 9am-5pm
exam Saturdays: 10am-2pm

Make an appointment online
or by phone (016 32 44 20)
exceptionally, when very ill
--> House calls
€24,50 for standard consultation
extra charges for specific tests or treatments
Public health insurance covers 80% or more


Individual therapy = also in English
Group therapy = only in Dutch
PhD-students: only intake interview and referral

Need a therapist?
make an appointment online
or by phone (016 32 43 43)

During working hours:
teaching days:
non-teaching days:

+/- €18 for individual session
Reduced rates for students with financial problems

Naamsestraat 63, box 5410
B-3000 Leuven

Naamsestraat 22 bus 5401
3000 Leuven
Step 2: Enroll as a student
Health Insurance reimburses around 75% of the medical costs
Green bag: € 0,5 / €1
Blue bag € 0,25
Brown bag €1,12 or €2,25
Bring it to a recycling centre or make an appointment for pick-up starting at € 25
Bring it to a recycling centre
Welcome and integration activities
Intercultural meeting centre
Get a sports card (€20) to practice sports at the University Sports Centre and to use the sports facilities
Get a culture card (€20) and enjoy:
Online ticket giveaways
Special temporary discounts
Large discounts at 30CC and STUK
Free entrance to UurkUltUUr
Student Representation: Loko International

International Student Associations

Student Association of your faculty: ‘kring’
Study Advice Service
Love your bicycle? Lock it!
In a bicycle parking

Emergency Numbers



Doctor after hours


European Emergency

Card Stop
Leuven: (32)16 210 610

070/25 70 25

0900/10 500



070/344 344
Emergency @ KU Leuven?
Call 016 32
22 22
More information now?

Info fair
More information later?

Student Services
4 modules
Service for Students with Disabilities

On foot
1. Buy when you enroll
2. Write your name on it!
3. Insert the card when you
enter the bus
1. Search on www.kotwijs.be
= database Housing Service KU Leuven
One-room flat with private
bathroom & kitchen
Room with shared bathroom & kitchen OR room with private facilities
For non-EEA students: make sure to bring cash or credit card
since you cannot open a bank account before securing a permanent address!
- You do not need to contact the police yourself!
- Students in KU Leuven residences will not get a
police visit
All the waste that doesn't fit in the other fractions!
Bags sold @ City Shop (City Hall) and large supermarkets
Bags sold @ City Shop (City Hall) and large supermarkets
Bags sold @ City Shop (City Hall) and large supermarkets
Used in case of damage or open bills at end
of contract
Pay rent until last month included, refunding of deposit afterwards
@ Alma
= University restaurant
Always bring your student card!
@ home
-> Veggie bag!
Join Orientation Days
Become a member
of the meeting centre
Join the Buddy Programme
Participate in one of the
socio-cultural activities
Become a volunteer
€5 + coffee mug
= free coffee/tea for a year!
Number of vacant jobs on 13/06/2014
Job offers for English speaking students in 2013-2014
Total amount of job offers
Cultural evenings
Belgian traditions
Social get together
... with respect!
@ Tervuursevest 101, 3001 Leuven
Religion and Philosophical Diversity Contact Point
Questions on religion?
Places to Study
@ E. Van Evenstraat 4
Central Library
@ Mgr. Ladeuzeplein 21
@ your faculty
Need advice and support on study-related matters?
Individual counselling
Group sessions in English on study approach, time management, master thesis, exams etc.
Nick Vanden Bussche
When and where?
Monday & Wednesday (12-2 pm): Celestijnenlaan 200 P (Campus Arenberg)
Tuesday (12-2 pm): 's Meierstraat 5 (LOKO)
Avoid traffic fines
Lock the rear wheel to the frame!
Open on weekdays between 2-5 p.m.
@ Van Dalecollege
Naamsestraat 80
3000 Leuven
Compulsory for non-EEA, recommendable for EEA
during study-activities
during private life
Coverage by the KU Leuven:
Advice on social and legal matters
Naamsestraat 80
3000 Leuven
@ Van Dalecollege
Naamsestraat 80
3000 Leuven
= Tax on second residences
Free sports card for Erasmus Students!
@ Foreigners Office - City Hall
4.Plastic bottles, metal packaging
and drink cartons (PMD)
Registered @ KU Leuven?
No payment --> no coverage!
Keep your room and common kitchen and bathroom clean!
English translation of the calendar
Most reliable
Both KU Leuven and private rooms
Mediation with landlord
Voluntary students offer help
As EEA citizen: different options to register as a student in Belgium. Check your home country’slegislation on studying abroad before starting registration!
1 Babysitting
1 Chauffeur
2 Child care
1 Cleaning private houses
1 Cleaning student residences
1 Electricity
3 Extra language sessions
1 Fruit picking
4 Gardening
1 Hotel work/catering
6 IT
1 Model
1 Nursing and geriatric helper
1 Research
1 Sales
1 Sports
1 Translation
1 Varia
29 Total number of jobs
General Practitioner (doctor)
First line medical care for students, spouses and children
After hours:
urgent medical problems
No need to make an appointment
Life threatening
Go to hospital ER

Call ambulance :

In weekends:
070 257 025
Go to out-of-hours medical centre at Justus Lipsiusstraat 36
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