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My unit one summative

No description

salina vang

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of My unit one summative

My unit one summative
One critique Yengkong gave me was that I let the strings stay for a long time and he doesn't have a feedback because I did great.
Critiques number two
One critique Vinai gave me was that he saw me playing the finger playing right, but next time I should play a little louder because he barely hear me playing.
Critiques number three
A critique Christina gave me was that she saw me playing the E chore, but next time I should play the finger playing, so I can get used to not using my pick so much.
One thing to improve on is not using my pick all the time because I wont get used to playing with my fingers if I keep on using my pick.
Pictures of
My Challenges for guitar
The challenges for me in guitar class is the finger playing, because its hard for me to play all four of my fingers together.
One critique Sheng gave me was the she heard me play the guitar gentle, but next time i should try is to not bump on the other strings because when I bump the other strings, it will NOT sound good.
Another critique Vinai gave me was that he saw me playing the finger playing correctly,but next time I should sit at the edge of the chair so the guitar wouldn't fall.
Another challenge I have is putting my thumb in the right position, because it's hard for me to play the notes correctly, when the sound are muted.
Another thing to improve on is the E chore and the finger playing because for the finger playing I can't play all of my fingers at the same time, and for the E chore its hard for me because I didn't press on the strings hard, so my playing was muted.
Thank you for watching!!! Salina Vang
I can improve those things by practicing, get help from Mr.C or from my classmates.I can also improve by asking questions, and telling people to give me suggestions and advice.
I love food , fries.
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