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Youth Philanthropy Initiative Project

No description

Teya Stanković

on 15 June 2014

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Transcript of Youth Philanthropy Initiative Project

Youth Philanthropy Initiative Project
How Mission Services Helps Our Community
Mission Services helps everyone. From any age, race, or gender. They tend needs and provide homes for those who cannot afford their own proper housing, or don't live under a safe environment. There is no group of people that is favored over another. Everything is fair, in order to make sure that everyone gets an equal amount of attention. They are always on the look out to see how they can reach the needs of the community, and how they can adapt. Men and women are constantly being taken in, in hope of finding a way to better their lives. Hamilton benefits greatly from this charity.
History of Mission Services
As some of you may know, Mission Services is a local charity that helps hundreds of people each year. It was founded in 1956 by Mr. Enos Bearinger, on James St N, originally known as the Harbour Rescue Mission. Mr. Enos was a successful business man as well as a farmer. He had a lot of thought towards the homeless men he often saw. One day, he decided to take action. He gathered volunteers from nearby churches, and together as a team they worked to provide a safe shelter, hot meals and friendship to men in need. Now, we can see that Mission Services has prospered and expanded to help not only men and alcoholics, but women, children and families who suffer from homelessness and abuse as well. In just 50 years, something that started off as so small, is now a huge asset in helping the less fortunate in Hamilton.
Women`s and Children`s Services Last Year:
205 Women in Crisis Served
173 Children Served
56,666 Meals and Snacks Served
Mission Services provides the 'Inasmuch House' which is a 37 bed emergency shelter provided to help women and children recover from domestic violence.No matter the seriousness of the damage, everyone is given a chance to get help, in order to get back on track into a brighter future. It includes a 24 hour crisis help line, as well as therapeutic advice. It also includes 'LEAF' which is a 10 week program designed to help children and women 4-16 who have been exposed to domestic abuse.
Men`s Services Last Year
105,689 Meals and Snacks Served
21,537 Nights of Shelter
55 People Received Addiction Treatment

Mission Services provides a 58 bed shelter for men in need of a safe place to stay. A `Discovery House` is provided, to help men who have been identified with an addiction problem. Here, they receive special treatment in order to over come their problem. Mission Services does it`s best to tend to the needs of all of their house guests. With such a kind and helping staff, rarely anyone is left unsatisfied. They create a safe shelter with warm food, which is sure to comfort anyone.
This short article briefly gives an example of how Mission Services has helped families. A grandmother named Sarah thanks MS for supporting her daughter and grandchildren. She says: "Without Mission Serivces, my family would not get by."
This is just one example of the many lives that Mission Services has affected. The fact that it is a small charity doesn't mean anything, because at the end of the day, Mission Services is changing lives and brightening Hamilton's future.
Applying to volunteer at Mission Services is a fairly quick and simple process. Candidates must be 18+, although opportunities at off site volunteering are open to all age groups. Currently, seasonal volunteering for Christmas is open. Other regular positions, such as distributors of food and clothing, as well as a secretary are also open. A full list of volunteer positions and more detail can be found on their website. Volunteers are recruited through their website, Facebook page, and through presentations to churches, schools and businesses. They are recognized all year round, but especially during volunteer appreciation week in April. Between staff and volunteers, there are around 125 people helping at Mission Services.
Process of Becoming a Volunteer
1) Initial inquiry
2) Filling out an application
3) Discussion with Volunteer Administrator to select the spot best suited for you
4) Interview at the program
5) Reference checks (Background)
6) Signing of commitment form, proper training, established schedules.
7) Begin volunteering!
Qualifications for Becoming a Volunteer
Have an encouraging, positive and objective attitude
Treat everyone with respect and dignity
Avoid relationships with clients outside of the program
Maintain confidentiality regarding MS and clients
Refrain from illegal activity or drinking while representing MS
Never share personal information with clients
Follow health and safety guide lines
Respect Christianity, even if it is not your faith.
Mission Services


As you can tell from this 2011-2012 pie chart, Mission Services receives 47% of it's funding from Cash-Government & Other, 34% from Cash & Receipted-Non Government, 11% from Non Receipted-Non Government and 8% from Gain on Sale of Capital Assets. In total, Mission Services received 7,344,622$ in donations last year. 75% of this was spent on programs, 15% was spent on development, 6% was spent on net, and 4% was spent on administration.
Individuals, government, churches, foundations, and corporations all work together to fundraise for Mission Services. Fundraising is done through mailings, events, and direct solicitations.

How Would MS Spend $5,000?
During our interview, we learned that Mission Services would spend the money on their programs and services. Most likely, this would be their community service programs. This would include their emergency food assistance through their Nutrition Centre. This huge grant would open doors for even more families to get a chance to change their lives. Mission Services has received this grant before, so they know exactly how much of an impact and how greatly this would help them.
What's the Mission?
Mission Services ensures that their goals to provide immediate needs of people dealing with poverty and homelessness are met. They do this by providing food, clothing and shelter. Their goal for the next 5 years would be to expand the educational and training programs that they offer which allow people the opportunity to change their lives. They strive to not only provide short term, but to give people the tools to further their education and obtain employment. They are unique because they always look for community input. They truly do value what we have to say.

Although Mission Services doesn't have any current plans to expand, they have recently moved to their new location at 196 Wentworth St N, since it is an area of great need. They have added new programs including one for grade 7 and 8 students because they know there is very little programming for that age group. Because of this, young boys and girls will receive a better education.
Mission Services is a prospering charity, with a solid foundation and a great cause. We hope that we have informed you about everything you need to know about our charity, and have inspired you in some way to take action.
Thank you for your time!
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