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Persuasive Speech

Why should I exercise?

Jenna Paul

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Persuasive Speech

There are several benefits of regular physical activity (Mayo Clinic):
1. Exercise controls weight.
2. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases.
3. Exercise improves mood.
4. Exercise boosts energy.
5. Exercise promotes better sleep.
6. Exercise can be fun. Persuasive Speech -
Exercise Jenna Paul Staggering Statistic! Experts say lack of physical activity contributes to some 300,000 deaths each year in the United States caused by heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other conditions (according to CNN). Exercise: Why do it? Exercise not only makes you look better, but feel better, too!
Exercise is better for your overall health.
Motivation tips Exercise: Better for your overall health Look good; feel better! Studies show that the simple act of exercising - no matter how little - gives people a more positive body image (according to www.rodale.com).
Shown more in women than men.
The body was meant to move
Oxygen flow Motivation Tips: Set aside a time in advance
Find a workout buddy
Make a good workout play list
Keep it interesting
Reward yourself In review: Exercise makes you not only feel better, but look better, too!
Exercise is better for your overall health.
Use tips to get motivated!
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