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Spanish & Mexican Weddings

No description

Maren Jones

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of Spanish & Mexican Weddings

Spanish & Mexican Weddings
Weddings are one of the most important celebrations to Mexican culture.
Mexican Weddings
Spanish Weddings
Many guests
Bride walks with dad, groom with mother
Bride and groom stand alone during vows
El lazo y las arras
Rice, flower petals, firecrackers at exit
Wedding rings on right hand
Wedding Ceremony
Wedding dresses: cotton, silk, velvet
Oaxaca: fancy embroidered dresses
Bride sews red, blue, yellow bows to undergarments modern version: blue garters
Mantilla veil
Spicy rice, beans, steak, spicy sauce
Almond cookies
upbeat bands play
guests make heart around newlyweds for first dance
Bride and groom hand out wedding gifts in return guests give gifts
Groom’s tie gets cut up and auctioned
Flower bouquet tossed to single ladies; pins

Banquete de bodas (Wedding Feast)
Groom, his family, and padriños pay for wedding (whole town)
La pedida
Religious: catholic
Las arras & el lazo
Wedding ceremony





Vocabulario de la Boda
Here comes the bride: Ya viene la novia

Congrats: ¡Felicitaciones!

Cheers to the bride & groom: ¡Que vivan los novios!

Best wishes on your wedding day: Los mejores deseos en el día de su boda

La Marcha
Money dance
Piñatas for children
"Lanzar el Ramo" - Bouquet toss
Garter toss
Women wear black silk dresses: love till death
Mantilla veil
Flower girl and ring bearer mimic bride and groom
El cóctel, el entrante, el pescado, el sorbete, la carne, el postre, el cava
Fish/seafood, sangria
Spanish wedding customs are well adored and have inspired several other cultures around the world.
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