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Katie Garrett

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Science Books The science fiction book I read is called "Search for Wondla," and the non-fiction book i read that connects to the fiction is called "Materials Technology." The characters in "The search for Wondla," includes Eva, Rovonder(Rove), Murthr the robot, Otto, and Besteele. Setting: Orbona an imaginary world. Conflict:Besteele an evil monster huntsman stops at nothing to catch Eva and her wonderful friends. The rising action includes Eva's "sanctuary" being demolished by the hunter Besteele, meeting Rovonder, being caught and almost killed,saving a water bear named Otto, and finding Murthr again. The climax is when Eva is captured for real and (Rove) and Murthr come and try to rescue her , but she ends up rescuing them. The falling action includes finding Otto the water bear again, finding a new sanctuary they have been looking for since the begining. The resolution is when Eva realizes just what she was looking for the whole time.

The point of view of "The search for Wondla," is
omniscent point of view, and Genre is science fiction. The theme is to open your eyes,what your looking for might be right in front of you. The book "Materials Technology," relates scientifically to "The search for Wondla," because Murthr is Robot and they have devices to help with the journey called an omipod. It speaks gives directons tells you what you should do to stay alive and much more. "Materials Technology" is about technology,what hey do, and how some of them are made. It talks about jets and why some are so small is because the less mass the figure has the faster it will zoom by. When people make caned food they suck all the air out of the can to reduce bacteria and diseases. Did you know that speed jets were first made of scrap metal? "The search for Wondla," relates to science because they discuss Earth and there is so much technology throughout the book. The omipod is an example of technology. Murthr the motherly robot is also technology because she can short circut and talk in a female robot voice. Eva hadn't ever seen another human or sun shine, she thought she was on Earth,but she is on a world called Orbona. There is also creatures that has never been seen.
"The search for Wondla," also relates to science because those creatures are always different. In the book I didn't see many of two creatures. Rovonder looks like a blue type of rare fish. If he didn't have enough water he would become a paler blue. When Eva left her sanctuary she looked around and saw an odd flying creature that looked like a monkey and a bird! It flew to a tree,and the tree ate the hybred!
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