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MapInfo Professional Roadmap 12.0 to 12.5 and beyond

No description

Rob Savage

on 7 March 2016

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Transcript of MapInfo Professional Roadmap 12.0 to 12.5 and beyond

The Future...
Cartographic output enhancements
Data Access and Technology Stack

Other new features
Improved labeling:
Auto position along line
Option for alternative placement along polylines
Combine curved & rotated labels
Click and drag to move curved labels
Label abbreviation option used to eliminate street suffixes and fit more labels
Confine to Region boundary
Font reduction to fit in boundary
Place outside with callouts
Abbreviate labels to fit within the region
Control priority of labels across layers
Use secondary abbreviation column when label will not fit
Smarter Scale Bar:
Create more desirable scale bars automatically!
New option for transparent background
Create maps to a specific cartographic scale
Legend Designer:
Automatic smart word wrapping
Control which elements appear in the legend
Change legend swatch sample sizes
Control the order of elements in the legend
Improved SQL Server support (geography data type)
PostGIS v2.0
Improved support for SQLite
Use Windows Authentication with Oracle
New smarter UI for opening tables from RDBMSs
FME Quick Translator (replaces Universal Translator)
Windows 8 Support
Broken license fix, re-installs
Improved control and access for internally hosted and administered License servers
Compare/edit the structure of multiple tables at once
Polybuilder utility - create regions from linework
MapCAD improvements
Smart map zoom option to match tile server zoom
Increased width of data records
Notifications direct to end users via in-product notifications
Upgraded license server
Universal Translator upgrade to the FME Quick Translator
12.0.1, 12.0.2 & 12.0.3
Enhanced Windows 8 support
Shift+Click in Browser support
Support for Cyber Japan Tile Server
HTML format for GetFeatureInfo for WMS layers
New map projection support added
Bug fixes
Cartographic Output
New 64 bit version
Active Layout
Work directly in a Map Frame within a Layout
Carry out labeling directly in the Layout
No need to switch between Layout and Map Window
Export/Print true WYSIWYG outputs quickly and easily
New Layout Designer toolbar
Brand new 64 bit version of MapInfo Professional
Completely redesigned user interface making it quicker and easier to carry out analysis and make great looking maps
Traditional 32 bit and new 64 bit versions will be available together
Multi-threaded object processing algorithms for faster processing (buffer, erase, erase-outside and split operations)
Background processing option means you can carry on working while processes complete
(64 bit version only)
v12.5 will not be supported on Windows XP
12.5 32 bit
June 2014
12.5 64 bit
October 2014
June 2015
Greater Cartographic Output capability

More performance enhancements
Licensing improvements
User interface enhancements
Interoperability with Spectrum Spatial
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