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This is the

No description

Stacy Fuhs-Brown

on 3 August 2014

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Transcript of This is the

Dad = Mark Brown
Dad's a teacher at the high school where you'll go to school, so he will be there whenever you need help. Plus, he'll drive you to school every day. Besides his family, he loves God the most. He will be praying for you every morning when he gets up. Then, he brings me coffee (yum:) to wake me up. He teaches math to freshmen and sophomores, so you might not have him for a teacher. In his spare time, he likes working on his 1969 Mustang (a classic car) and listening to classic rock (Bruce Springsteen, U2, Bob Segar) and Christian rock. On January 17, he will be 52 years old.
Mom= Stacy Brown
I am also a teacher, but I work part-time at a neighboring district called Kent City Schools. I teach 2 Engish classes at the middle school and a high school psychology class. My favorite things to do are cook, grow flowers, and sing! I am a drama director at my school and an actor in community theatre. I love the Lord, my family, and my friends. On April 26, I'll be 48 years old.
Big Sister#1= Jenny
Jenny is going to college in a nearby town. But she's going to stay at home and be your roommate. She loves superheroes like Captain America, Batman, and Spiderman because they help people in need. Her favorite sport is soccer. A lot of her friends played soccer in high school too. She works in a bakery making doughnuts. She also works in an ice-cream shop. She will be 19 on October 17.
Big Brother #2= Sam
Sam will also go to college nearby and live at home. Sam loves philosophy and reading, and he loves to argue with people. He spends a lot of time on his computer down in his room, so you'll have to make an attempt to get to know him. He has a disorder called Asperger's which is a mild form of autism. He is really smart with words and ideas, but has a harder time with people. He will be 19 on April 23.
Big Sister #2 = Beth
Beth is sixteen, but her birthday is on October 26, so I think she's older than you. She is a junior at Grant High School, and she is a hard worker. She is excited about working on the yearbook as a photographer. She loves the color red, making friendship bracelets, and her black cat, Willow. She is rather quiet, but she's loud when she's around her best friends.
Our Dogs!
Finally, you should meet our dogs: Kisses and Daisy. Kisses was a rescue dog who is very soft and very cuddly. She smells pretty bad, though. Sorry! She is a Keeshond, German Shepherd, Chow mix...we think...really, we have no idea. She's a mystery! Daisy is full-blooded Yellow Labrador Retriever, so she loves water! She is still a puppy at 7 months, but she is learning good manners, sometimes. But be careful not to leave your shoes laying around because she still likes to chew on everything!
Welcome, Ida!
This is the
Brown Family!

Other Brown Kids=
Becca and Jake
Jake, who lives in Muskegon, is our oldest, age 22, and is a student in college. He is an artist who loves herbal medicine. Becca is our middle child. She's almost 18 and lives with her biological aunt and uncle in Kansas. Even though these kids do not live with us, we love them very much. You will meet them when they visit.
Here is a little bit more about our family, our routines, and our home:
1) We live a very small town, but the kids go to school in the next town North. It's called Grant High School. The mascot is a tiger, so the school colors are orange and black. We do not have a handball team --Jenny and Sam are checking to see if there is a court at their college-- but our high school has soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, softball, tennis, and track teams. If you like running, we have a team called "cross country"...they race outdoors on roads, trails, and fields. The coach is really nice!

2) Our town is in West Michigan, which has wonderful beaches. Please make sure you have a modest swim suit with you. Just make sure your suit covers you well enough or you'll have to wear a tee-shirt over it. Two of these suits are cute! Guess which one is NOT appropriate?
3) We go to Grant Wesleyan Church (a Bible-believing Christian church) on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. The youth group is a great place to make friends and hang out with them in a fun and safe place. You'll meet a lot of great people there who go to your school.

4) We have a large house so there's room for all of you kids! Dad and I pretty much stay on the main floor where our bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, and the laundry room are. Sam's room is in the basement, but there is also a quiet study room, family room to watch movies, and a nice bathtub. Upstairs are the girls' rooms. I think all three of you girls will be staying in one HUGE room, and the other small bedroom can be used as a dressing room/study room. Your room is decorated in shades of blue and lime green. We also have a piano upstairs, if you want to play. This is the way our electric plugs look in case you want to get an adapter.
5) We have malls and lots of stores for you and your sisters to do your school shopping. Grand Rapids is about 25 minutes away, and we go there about once a week. Our school's dress code is all about making sure your clothing does not distract from anyone's studies. So, you can't wear shorts or skirts that are shorter than your fingertips. And you can't show ANY part of your breasts, tummy (except in your swim suit), hips, or butt. Tank tops must have wide straps or you'll have to wear a shirt over the top.
This is a 110 volt system, not 220!
Too much skin!!!
Not appropriate!
Hope this helped you get to know our family and town!
We will see you soon!
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