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Ally Condie

No description

Justine Heeg

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Ally Condie

Ally Condie
Books of Ally Condie's that i have read:
I have completed Matched.
I am currently reading Crossed.
Why is Ally Condie my favorite?
Ally Condie is my favorite author for millions of reasons but I'm only going to explain a couple. First off, when she writes she mixes reality with fantasy. She gets a lot of the characters from her life but writes about them in a fantasy world. Second, she descirbes everything with such detail that you can picture it very easily.
Ally Condie is the author of...
Matched- Matched Trilogy
Crossed- Matched Trilogy
Reached- Matched Trilogy
Freshman for President
Being Sixteen
Yearbook- Yearbook Trilogy
First Day- Yearbook Trilogy
Reunion- Yearbook Trilogy
Biography (continued..)
Ally Condie has always had a passion for writing. She went to college to become an English teacher. She was an English teacher for several years until she had her first child. When her son was born, she realized that the time that he was napping she could use for writing. She then made it an everyday thing.

Short Synopsis of Matched
In Matched, the Society rules everything. What you eat, where you work, who your forever spouse is, etc. They make your life decisions and all your other choices for you. Cassia is matched with her friend Xander. Even though she is matched with Xander and has feelings for him. She also has feelings for another person... Ky Markaham. Will she take the risk and stay with Ky or will she forget about Ky, even though she has feelings for him, and go with Xander? Read Matched to reveal the answer!
Ally Condie was born on July 4th, 1989 in Oklahoma.
When Ally Condie was young, she dictated her stories to her babysitter, who was very patient with her. Her earliest memory of being creative was a story on pregnant unicorns. Ally Condie has always loved writing but when she was 24 and quit teaching when she had her first child she wanted to take it more seriously.
Ally Condie attended Brigham Young University. She has a degree in English teaching.
She is a former English high school teacher.

Why is Matched my favorite?
I chose Matched as my favorite because this book isn't just another book i have read. I can make connections with it. Like how my father, mother, and grandfathers act. That is a lot how they act in the book. Other little things like that.
Do you enjoy reading books that can relate to you? Well, then give Ally Condie books a try! She writes in a realistic form but also an out-of-this-world form. The characters would be the most realistic thing but then what they do is pretty unrealistic. If you would like to try these try Matched first, as it is the first book in her trilogy!
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